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Geographicus Antique Map Affiliate Program

If you manage a website, a blog, or a internet store, you may want to consider joining our affiliate program. Much like similar programs offered by major retailers such as and, our Affiliate Program allows buyers to purchase our antique maps through your site.

Geographicus offers a commission rate of 10% on all sales that come through your site. With our average purchase being well over three hundred dollars a 10% commission can add significantly to the profitability of any web presence.

Our affiliate program offers extraordinary flexibility, allowing you to use our images, content, and other details to fully integrate our antique maps into your site. The system operates by dropping permanent cookie onto a users website so that whenever they return to Geographicus, even if it is not directly from your site, you will be credited for their purchases. An easy to manage backend tracks all of your sales and payouts.

Use the link below apply and manage your affiliate account:

Apply to our Affiliate Program.

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