Introduction – Blogging on Cartographic Curiosities and on Life as an Antique & Rare Map Dealer

Welcome to my antique map blog. I am, obviously, a rare map enthusiast. I am also the owner of Geographicus Rare and Antique Maps, a mostly online antique map gallery specializing in rare and vintage maps of the 15th through the 19th centuries. Possibly the best aspect of being an antique map dealer is the opportunity to explore and study my individual offerings. I am proud that my rare map listings at,, are among the most detailed and thoroughly researched studies of our individual offerings available anywhere.

Quite frequently, while preparing this research on some seemingly minor map element, I make a discovery that leads to a whirlwind of research and mass of data that, though it enriches my antique map offerings, overflows the coffers of that humble venue. I have started this blog in order to provide an outlet for these interesting rare map studies. Thank you for reading.

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