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Blackie and Son
(fl. 1890 - 1991)

Blackie and Sons was a Glasgow based publishing firm active from 1807 to 1991. The firm was established on November 20 1809 by John Blackie Sr. (1782-1874), Archibald Fullerton and William Sumerville as "Blackie, Fullerton and Company". Though trained as a weaver, Blackie envisioned a profitable business selling large books and novels by monthly subscription. Their first major publications appeared in 1811 and were subscription based religious and reference texts including several atlases. In 1931 Blackie bought out his partners and formally named the firm "Blackie and Son". While Blackie and Son had its main offices 7 Stanhope Street, Glasgow, it maintained subsidiary offices in London (6/18 William IV Street Charing Cross), Canada and India. In the next 100 years Blackie and Son grew into an enormous international publishing concern. Nonetheless, it remained a family business and was run by members of the Blackie family until it ceased publishing in 1991. Click here for a list of rare maps by Blackie and Son.

Rare maps by Blackie and Son currently for sale.

Rare maps by Blackie and Son in the Geographicus Antique Map Archive.

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