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1790 Faden Map of the Roads of Great Britain or England

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Title:    The Roads of Great Britain. Itineraire de la Grande Bretagne.

Description:    A very attractive example of Faden's desirable "Roads of Great Britain" in its second edition, 1790. Covering from Scotland to Cornwall, this large pocket map was designed with the traveler in mind, showing most of the major and minor roads in England. In the upper right quadrant there is a smaller inset map showing the roadways of Scotland. This map first appeared in 1781 and was published in several editions, first by Faden then by his successor Wyld, until about 1833.

Faden dedicated this map to John Henniker, Baron of Worlingsworth Hall, and a member of Parliament representing New Romney. New Romney was one of the Cinque Ports, a series of important shipping ports along the coast of Kent and Sussex where the English Channel was narrowest. Faden clearly hoped that Henniker's position as MP for New Romney would see his "Roads of Great Britain" distributed to the many teamsters who came and went from the port. Faden must have been at least partially correct as this map enjoyed a long and popular run in numerous editions.

Date:    1790 (dated)

References:    National Library of Australia, MAP RM 1514.

Cartographer:    William Faden (1750 - 1836) was an English Cartographer and publisher of the late 18th century. Faden worked under the direction of Thomas Jefferys. Jefferys held the position as "Geographer to the King and to the Prince of Wales", and upon his death in 1771, this position passed to William Faden. By 1822 Faden published over 350 known maps, atlases, and military plans. Faden had a particular interest in the mapping of North America and is best known for his important publication of the North American Atlas. William Faden is also well known for his publication of the first maps for the British Ordnance Survey in 1801. Following his death in 1836 Faden's firm was taken over by James Wyld. Click here for a list of rare maps from William Faden.

Size:   Printed area measures 30.5 in height x 23.5 inches in width (77.47 x 59.69 centimeters)

Condition:    Good. Wear on original fold lines and edges. Overall toning. Backed with heavy linen which has split in some places along the folds. We have added minor versr reinforcements to some of the split folds.

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