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1884 Drew Pocket Map of Florida

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Title:    Drew's New Map of the State of Florida Showing the Townships by the U. S. Surveys, the Completed & Projected Railroads, the Diffferent Railroad Stations and Growing Railroad Towns. The New Towns on the Rivers and interior and the New Counties up to the Year 1884.

Description:    An extremely scarce and important map of Florida drawn by Horace Drew in 1884. This highly uncommon map, the earliest known example of which was issued in 1867, is considered to be the only pocket map of Florida actually printed in Florida. The first edition of this map was printed by Columbus Drew from his offices in Jacksonville Florida and subsequently updated in an unknown number of editions into the 1880s. This example was printed by Horace Drew, son and successor to Columbus. It reflects the rapid and hopeful development of Florida through the middle and late 19 century, with numerous railways, roads, and canals noted.

Of particular note is the Lucie Canal, shown here leading from Lake Okeechobee to the Atlantic. This canal was part of a plan, supported by Drew, to drain the Everglades via a series of well placed water channels. Fortunately the Lucie canal was never built and the unique Everglades biosphere has been preserved for us to enjoy today.

Also of interest is the extensive notation in the lower left quadrant regarding the Florida Land Survey. Even in the late 19th century much of Florida remained federally administrated Public Land. It was the work of the Florida Land Survey, upon which this map is based, to plat out the land for sale to settlers. Drew's notations explain the process and how do identify land available for purchase. Drew additionally notes the sites of various important battles during the Seminole Wars.

Considered the Holy Grail of 19th century Florida cartography, this map is a must for any serious collection focusing on the American Southeast. Dated and copyrighted, "Entered according to Act of Congress in the year 1884 by Horace Drew, in the office of the Librarian of Congress, at Washington."

Date:    1884 (dated)

References:    Rumsey, 5190.001 (1870 edition). Fitzgerald, 167 (1874 edition). Phillips, (maps) 285 (1874 edition). Library of Congress, Map Division, G3931.P3 1874 .D7 RR 195. Baxter, J. M., Tequesta - An Annotated Checklist of Florida Maps, p. 115.

Cartographer:    Columbus Drew (1820 - 1891) was a Florida physician, politician, writer, bookseller, publisher and printer active in the mid to late 19th century. Drew acquired a degree in medicine from Washington University in Baltimore before relocating to Florida to establish a practice in Jacksonville. Drew quickly became a leading citizen and, being an ardent Union Man, held the post of state Comptroller during the post Civil War Reconstruction. Drew was a leading figure in the development of Florida following the Civil War. His influence impacted the course and development of state railways, canals, drainage projects, and other civil world. Cartographically he is best known for the publication of his "New Map of the State of Florida", which, through numerous editions and revisions, chronicles the history and development of the state during a critical period. This map is now extremely scarce in any edition. Columbus Drew passed his publishing company to his son, Horace Drew, who continued to publish an update Drew's important map. The Drew family became leading citizens in Jacksonville and today their historic Victorian home enjoys landmark status. Click here for a list of maps by the Horace and Columbus Drew.

Size:   Printed area measures 25 in height x 26 inches in width (63.5 x 66.04 centimeters)

Condition:    Very good. Minor discolorations along original fold lines. Professionally removed from binder (included) and flattened.

Code:   Florida-drew-1884 (to order by phone call: 646-320-8650)

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