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1850 Hand Drawn Japaese Map of Hokkaido, Japan

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Title:    Hokkaido.

Description:    This fascinating hand colored and hand drawn map depicts the Japanese Island of Hokkaido. This very unusual map differs radically from other maps of this period as it is both wildly inaccurate and hand drawn. It was most likely copied from an earlier text. The map has been in a Japanese collection where it was professionally rebacked and mounted on a patterned silk scroll in typical Japanese style. There is some interested text that has been crossed out, but I have not yet completed its translation. An altogether fascinating map.

Date:    c. 1850

References:    None.

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Size:   Printed area measures 36 in height x 22 inches in width (91.44 x 55.88 centimeters)

Condition:    Very good condition. Map has undergone some very fine traditional Japanese restoration including mounting and backing. Some of the original text has been scratched out the reason for this remains a mystery.

Code:   Hokkaido-japan-1850 (to order by phone call: 646-320-8650)

© Geographicus Rare Antique Maps, Kevin Brown, 23/5/2015

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