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1887 Tunison Map of India

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Title:    Tunison's India.

Description:    This is a beautiful example of the 1887 Tunison map of India. It covers the entire subcontinent from Kashmir south to Ceylon (Sri Lanka) and from Sindh east to Assam. An inset in the lower right quadrant details parts of modern day Burma. Another inset near the bottom margin features the British Isles on the same scale. The map is color coded according to British Possessions, states under British protection and independent states. The map depicts most of what is today modern India and what was, when this map was made, British India. In 1857, following the Sepoy Revolt, the east India Company was dissolved and governance of India was administered directly by the British Crown. The British Raj ruled India until its independence in 1947. Various towns, cities, rivers, roads and various other topographical details are noted. Published as plate no. 136 in Tunison's Peerless Universal Atlas.

Date:    1887 (undated)

Source:    Tunison, H., Tunison's Peerless Universal Atlas (Jacksonville, Illinois) 1887.

Cartographer:    Henry Tunison (fl. C. 1886 Ė 1909) was a late 19th century American map publisher and businessman based in Illinois. Tunison published the Peerless Universal Atlas in various editions from 1886 to 1909. Unlike his competitors, the Rand McNally Company and George F. Cram, who printed low quality atlases using printed color, Tunison utilized old world publishing techniques and distinctively vivid hand color to drive the sales of his popular atlas. Because of this, Tunisonís maps, though late of period, remain desirable among collectors. Little is certain regarding Tunisonís early life; however, it may be one Henry Tunison whose family immigrated to Illinois from New Jersey in 1838. Click here for a list of rare maps by Henry Tunison.

Size:   Printed area measures 12.5 in height x 10 inches in width (31.75 x 25.4 centimeters)

Condition:    Very good. Text on verso.

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