Review of “Guides to Dutch Atlas Maps: The British Isles Volume 1 England”

The British Isles

The British Isles

We would like to bring to our reader’s attention Oak Knoll Press’s series of Guides to Dutch Atlas Maps based on the work of Peter Van Der Krogt and Elger Heere . The series compiles data from the Atlantes Neerlandici into a series of concise and useful illustrated entrees. The work provides invaluable information regarding the publication history of the individual maps, notes on various states, size, and references to other important cartobibliographies.

I have before me one of the first productions in this series, a guide dedicated to Dutch Atlas maps of England. The work features several hundred maps as well as some of the best biographies of the principle mapmakers (Mercator, Hondius, Jansson, Blaeu, etc) we have encountered anywhere.

As map dealers ourselves we cannot stress enough how excited we are about this series. The data provided here was previously all but inaccessible to most dealers and collectors without access to a major institutional library. We must offer a hat’s off to Van der Krogt, Heere, and Oak Knoll Press for embarking this long overdue venture and are looking forward to future installments. As they become available we will attempt to make note of it.

North Americans can order this book here:

Outside of North America, the book can be purchased through Hes & De Graff, who are co-publishers on the project: