1856 Colton Map of New Jersey - High-Resolution Digital Map Image


1856 Colton Map of New Jersey - High-Resolution Digital Map Image


NewJersey-colton-1856 Digital Copy


Geographicus maintains an archive of most of our high-resolution rare map scans. We scan our maps at 300 DPI or higher, which is most cases in suitable for enlargement and printing. Once you purchase a digital image, you will receive a DropBox link where you can download the image. Most image download links are supplied within 1 business day. If the particular map you have requested an image of is unavailable in high-resolution format, we will refund your purchase.
Credit and Scope of Use
Most of our maps are not restricted by copyright and can be used freely. We are selling a digital scan, not a physical printed reproduction. Nor are we selling permission to use the image, which should be in the public domain. Nonetheless, we do appreciate a credit for our work in scanning and editing the image. Should you wish to credit us, please use the following credit line:
Courtesy of Geographicus Rare Antique Maps (http://www.geographicus.com).
How Large Can I Print?

To answer this question you will need to consult a printing or reprographics firm. In general, at 300 DPI, you should at least be able to double the size of the actual image. So, if the original was 10 x 12 inches, you can print at 20 x 24 inches, without quality loss. If your display requirements can accommodate some loss in image quality, you can make it even larger.
Digital images cannot be returned or refunded once we provide the download link.