Luis de Surville y Villerey (c. 1737 - November 22, 1789) was Spanish military engineer and cartographer active in Madrid, Spain, in the second half of the 18th century. Surville is a second-generation engineer. He studied mathematics at the Real Seminario de Nobles de Madrid and afterwards was a cartographer and master draughtsman at the same from 1767 to 1776. Afterwards he was recommended by José de Gálvez (1720 - 1787) to post of 2nd draftsman at the Despacho de Indias (Office of the Indies). Like most cartographers in the Despacho de Indias, Surville was not himself an explorer and did not travel extensively, instead his work focused on compiling and reconciling cartographic information collected by explorers and missionaries abroad - as well as military documents associated with European Wars. He died in Madrid in 1789.