Most recently added antique and rare maps as of 1/21/2021.
1840 Burr Map of Manhattan, New York City
One of the earliest obtainable maps to focus on all of Manhattan Island.

1823 Dirwald and Mollo Map of North America - with unusual Transmississippi
Post-Louisiana Purchase districting in Missouri Territory.

1857 Ravenstein Map of Australia during the Gold Rush Era
The most striking commercial map of Australia during the Gold Rush Era.

1920 Deutsche Auswanderungs-Gesellschaft Map of Paraguay
Supporting German Emigration to Paraguay.

1760 Vezou and Lattré Scientific Map of the World
A Marriage of Astronomy and Geography.

1849 Vuillemin Pictorial City Plan or Map of Paris, France
Beautifully engraved fortified Paris.

1907 Bacon Folding Wall Map of the World
Conflicting colonial empires!

1726 Strahlenberg Map of Asia during the Reign of Ghengis Khan
The Tatar Empire based on Tatar Sources.

1931 Spanish Army Map of Tenerife, Canary Islands
Best and largest map of Tenerife to appear during the Second Spanish Republic.

1830 French Ministry of the Navy Map of Guantánamo Bay, Cuba
French refugees in Guantánamo following the Haitian Revolutions.

1944 Chapin Map of the Presumed Allied Invasion of 'Fortress Europe'
Anticipating the Allied invasion of Normandy.

1939 Christiansen Map of Nebraska illustrating 'Outdoor Life'
The sporting life in Nebraska.

1865 Dripps Map or Plan of New York City and Vicinity
New York City just after the Civil War.

1743 D'Anville Map of Italy
D'Anville's map of Italy.

1699 De Fer map of America in a Rare Early State
Rare Early State of an Elegant, French Map of the Western Hemisphere

1855 Magnus Map of New York City and Brooklyn - old color!
One of the most decorative 19th century maps of New York City - here with original full color.