Most recently added antique and rare maps as of 3/21/2018.
1836 J. H. Colton and J. Calvin Smith Map of Long Island, New York
The most significant map of Long Island in the 19th century.

1944 Albert Richard Pictorial Broadside Map Promoting U.S. Military Aviation
Includes incredible illustrations of cutting-edge American aircraft flown during World War II

1943 Showa 18 East Asian Co-Prosperity Sphere Full Map Set (20 Maps)
Japan's vision for the Pacific during World War II.

1857 Rogers and Johnston Map of the Nebraska Territory at its largest
The only commercial atlas map to specifically illustrate Nebraska territory at its ephemeral fullest.

1838 Spanish Nautical Chart or Map of Sardinia, Corsica, Minorca
Rare set of Spanish nautical charts.

1770 Lotter Map of Asia
Stunning 18th century map of Asia showing the mythical lands of Jean de Gama in East Asia.

1904 Japanese Map of Korea and China issued during the Russo-Japanese War
Important map illustrating the opening of the Russo-Japanese War.

1881 Sheehy Broadside Illustrating President James Garfield's Life
A political broadside commemorating the life and death of President James A. Garfield.

1903 Stanford Map of the Malay Peninsula (Malaysia, Singapore)
Scarce map of the Malay Peninsula and the FMS.

1828 View of Harvard Hall, Harvard University, Cambridge Massachusetts
Beautifully colored view of Harvard College.

1911 Matthews-Northrup Map of the New England Summer Resorts
Incredibly attractive map of New England tracing the Boston and Maine Railroad rail network.

1864 Dripps Map of New York City
Uncommon map illustrating all of Manhattan in 1864.

1864 Johnson Map of New England: Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts
Attractive detailed map of New England featuring the region's railroad network.

1904 KisaburĊ Ohara Satirical Octopus Map of Asia and Europe
Extremely rare Japanese perspective satirical 'Octopus Map' of Asia.

1849 Sidney Map of the Twelve Miles Around New York City
Charming map of New York City before consolidation - labels individual residences throughout Brooklyn, Queens, and New Jersey.

1818 Franz Pluth Map of the Eastern United States
Includes curious borders in the Louisiana Territory and elsewhere in the United States.

1890 Matthews Northrop Map of Northern Pacific R.R. in Washington and Oregon
Illustrates the vast amounts of land available for purchase from the Northern Pacific Railroad.

1956 Moss Pictorial Map of Wildlife and Game in the United States
Brightly colored and highly detailed pictorial map of mammals and birds native to the United States.

1806 Paris Geography and Astronomy Card Game (42 Cards)
Exceptional didactic card game for teaching Astronomy and Geography.

1777 J. Leopold Imbert Revolutionary War Map of the English Colonies
Important map of the British Colonies in North America at the outset of the American Revolutionary War.