Most recently added antique and rare maps as of 12/5/2022.
1542 Munster Map of America (first obtainable map of America: 1st State, 2nd Edition)
First printed map of the Western Hemisphere in one of its earliest printings.

1788 Manuscript View of Georgetown, Penang Island, Malaysia
First view of Georgetown, Malaya.

1646 Jansson Map of North America (California as an Island)
First Dutch Atlas Map of North America.

1855 Reed and Barber Map of the United States - unrecorded state
Documenting the westward expansion.

1757 Seutter / Lotter Map of the Northeast with a View of New York City
First state of the first map to name 'Boston'.

1855 Ensign Bridgman and Fanning Wall Map of the United States
The United States - fully formed.

1968 China Cartographic Map of the United States, M.L.K. Assassination, Riots
Mao's support of African American civil rights.

1574 Munster Map of Africa
Earliest Acquirable Printed Map of the African Continent.

1904 Romanian Army Geographic Institute Map of Prahova, Romania
Between Bucharest and Brașov.

1597 Wytlfiet Map of Chile
First specific map of Chile.

1950 Infographic Map of France and the Marshall Plan
Pre-war isolationism to post-war imperialism.