Most recently added antique and rare maps as of 9/21/2018.
1889 Tongwen Shu Shanghai-Chinese Missionary Calendar Broadside
Persuasive missionary broadside by the first Shanghai Chinese owned and opperated lithography press.

1859 Hicks / Wright Standing Portrait of George Washington
Stunning standing portrait of George Washington in front of Mount Vernon.

1913 Taisho 2 Japanese Map  of Oahu, Hawaii w/ defensive positions
Unusual early Japanese map of Oahu highlighting military installations.

1975 Tien Wah / Air India Promotional Map of Singapore City
Rare Air India promotional map detailing the streets of Singapore!

1964 Institute Geographique City Map of Dakar, Senegal
Rare highly detailed map of Senegal's Capital, Dakar!

1730 Mercator / Hondius Ptolemaic Map of Spain and Portugal
Decorative Ptolemaic map of Spain and Portugal.

1700 Schenk and Valk Map of Peru
An incredible map of Peru clearly showing the unknown of the Amazon region.

1932 Dow Pictorial City Map or Plan of Portland, Maine
A charming map of Portland, Maine tracing events throughout the city's history.

1851 U.S. Coast Survey Map or Chart of Mobile Bay, Alabama
Nautical Chart depicting Alabama's Mobile Bay.

1917 Finn View Map of Boston Harbor and Cape Cod, Massachusetts
A detailed view of Boston Harbor.

1860 Mitchell Map of Boston, Massachusetts
One of the more attractive 19th century commercial atlas maps of Boston.

1945 Kalihan and White Pictorial WWII Route Map of the 79th Inf. in France
The advance of the 79th Division across northern France - including a vignette of the critical crossing of the Seine at Mantes Gassicourt.

1937 Sunoco and Rand McNally Pictorial Map of Florida
A wonderful pictorial tourist map of Florida highlighting Florida's history and numerous points of interest.

1870 S. R. Wells and M'Lean Phrenology Broadsheet Poster
Striking large-format artifact of the era of phrenology.

1929 Dunsmore Poultry Ranch, Van Nuys, California Advertising
Amazing early Southern California Advertising!

1852 Shield's Case Map of Boston, Massachusetts
Stunning case map of Boston and vicinity.

1676 John Speed Map of Poland
Decorative Carte-a-Figure map of Poland!

1635 Blaeu Map of Italy
A beautiful example of Blaeu's first map of Italy.

1682 De Wit Map of Poland and Lithuania
Striking decorative map of Poland and Lithuania!