Most recently added antique and rare maps as of 8/12/2020.
1904 Haru EiDo Serio-Comic Map of Asia and Europe / Russo-Japanese War
Rarest and most poignant Russo-Japanese War serio-comic map!

1588 Munster/ Petri set of World and Continents Maps
The updated world and continents maps from the dominant geographical source for its day.

1904 Nomura Samurai Shokai Russo-Japanese War Serio-Comic Map of Asia
A previously undiscovered Japanese Serio-Comic Map! Possibly the first!

1839 Bedford and Smith Map of Afghanistan from Kandahar to Herat
An extremely rare map dating from the First Anglo-Afghan War.

1795 Russell/ Ellicott Map of Washington D. C.
The First European Edition of the Seminal Ellicott Plan.

1878 'La Rana' Allegorical Map of the World as a Sick Man
An Italian satirical graphic depicting Ottoman Sultan Abdul Hamid II as the 'Sick Man of Europe.'

1677 De Rossi/ Sanson Map of North America
An Attractive Italian Edition of a Seminal Map of America.

1683 Cantelli da Vignola Map of Southeast Asia, the Spice Islands and Australia
A rare, Italian Map of the East Indies, Philippines, and Australia.

1850 Wyld Map of the United States
Depicts Texas at its fullest and traces the advance of the U.S.-Mexico border.

1646 Merian Map of Russia, Depicted Just After the Reign of Boris Godunov
The state of the art of Western Cartography in Russia during the Time of Troubles.

1894 American Board of Commissioners for Foreign Missions Map of Micronesia
Spreading the Word of God to Pacific Islanders.

1931 Burbank Pictorial City Plan or Map of Saint Paul, Minnesota
A scarce pictorial city map of Saint Paul, the capital of Minnesota.

1902 National Publishing Map of the United States and its Territories
The United States at the turn of the 20th century.

1868 Paine Broadside View of Ascutney Mountain, Vermont
A rare broadside promoting M.K. Paine's Green Mountain Balm - a medical miracle!

1957 Westermann Pictorial Wall Map of South America
Highlights South America's abundant natural resources.

1943 Vaucher and Pirola Map of the World on a Polar Projection
Highlights the world's air routes, a critical part of World War II.

1917 McGill-Warner Railroad Map of the Western United States
A detailed railroad map of the western United States during World War I.

1845 First Edition Joseph Meyer Map of Florida
One of the earliest maps of Florida as a state. Second Interbellum.