Most recently added antique and rare maps as of 10/28/2020.
1863 Laurie / Findlay Map of England w/Lighthouses and Lightships
Beautiful and rare, an essential lighthouse guide for the British mariner.

1614 Munster Map of Sea Monsters and Fantastical Beasts
Bestiary of fantastical northern monsters.

1779 Bonne / Delamarche Separate-Issue Map of Asia
Striking map of Asia offering the best cartography of the period.

1950 Capp Satirical Map of China, Japan, and Korea during Korean War
Capp inspired satirical look at East Asian situation at the outbreak of the Korean War.

1970 Grossman Anti-War Broadside of the Nonexistent Anti-War Politicians
A refrain that rings a little too true in 2020.

1843 Beiling Map of Palestine or the Holy Land
The Holy Land with vignettes of Biblical scenes.

1899 Jeppe Map of the Transvaal (5 sheets) w/ provenance
A spy's map of the Transvaal from the Second Boer War.

1775 Lotter Map of the World in Hemispheres
Full color 18th century double hemisphere map.

1913 George Geologic Map of Colorado
An astoundingly-detailed large format geologic map of Colorado.

1943 Office of Strategic Services Map Information Section Skeleton Map of Asia
Created and owned by the Office of Strategic Services - the predecessor of the CIA

1943 Jo Mora Pictorial Map of Carmel-by-the-Sea, California
An iconic map from the Golden Age of Pictorial Cartography.

1962 Colonial Survey Atlas of Kenya
The Statistical Mapping of Kenya at the End of the British Protectorate

1933 Conley and Stelzer Pictorial Map of Chicago, Illinois
A rare Chicago Sunday Tribune edition of Conley and Stelzer's iconic map of Chicago.

1747 Bowen Map of Africa
A most modern map...

1840 Burr Map of Lake George and Warren County, New York
An update to a map from a landmark atlas of New York.

1747 Bowen Map of Europe
On the cusp of change.

1829 Burr Map of Albany and Schenectady Counties, New York
The first map of Albany County.

1947 Ragaert Travel Broadside Map of Mexico City, Mexico
A wonderful broadside promoting tourism in Mexico City.

1968 Sherer Masonic View Map of Solomon's Temple
Exceptional Freemason iconography.