Most recently added antique and rare maps as of 5/26/2018.
1915 Chinese Postal Map of Fuzhou (Foochow), China
Rare map of Fuzhou illustrating postal districts.

1876 O. H. Bailey View of Norwich, Connecticut
Rare bird's-view of Norwich, Connecticut early in the Industrial Revolution.

1881 Imray Blueback Chart or Map of the Philippines
A scarce and magnificent James Imray blueback nautical chart of the Philippines.

1844 Bowden Quaker Map of North America w/ American Indian Nations
Unusual dual purpose map illustrating both American Indian lands and Quaker annual meetings.

1786 Tofiño Nautical Chart or Map of Gibraltar and the Bay of Gibraltar
An incredible large scale naval chart of Gibraltar and the Bay of Gibraltar.

1906 Barritt Serviss Star and Planet Finder
The Heavens without a Telescope, The Only Practical Combination Star, Planet, and Sun and Moon Map. - Barritt

1885 Pre-Construction Broadsheet View of the Statue of Liberty
Unusual broadside view of the Statue of Liberty predating the construction. Probably meant as wrapping paper!

1909 Silk Souvenir Bandana Map of the World: Great White Fleet
Commemoration of the 'Great White Fleet,' a major episode in the emergence of the United States as a global naval power.

1877 Lloyd Set of Four Puzzle Maps of the United States and Europe
One-of-a-kind puzzle map set in original metal box! Puzzles include Railroad Map of the United States, County of Westchester, Europe, and County Map of New England.

1939 Coffee Map of the Republic of Colombia
Exceptional map of Colombia illustrating Coffee plantations.

1960 Dessiaume Pictorial Map of Hawaii
A beautifully illustrated pictorial map meant to entice the viewer into vacationing in Hawaii.

1939 Haley and Hetherington Pictorial Map of Rhode Island and Massachusetts
Illustrates Narragansett Bay, Buzzard's Bay, and Martha's Vineyard.

1926 Montross-Clarke Railroad Map of the Western United States
Depicts the rail network of the Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe railway - the second transcontinental rail route.

1943 or Showa 18 World War II Era Japanese Map of New Zealand
One of the maps in the Greater CoProsperity Sphere series and one of the most cartographically beautiful 20th century maps of New Zealand.

1946 Dickerhoff Infographic Chart of the Pacific Theater during World War II
Presents all the major engagements in the Pacific War in chronological order - including maps of most major battles.

1928 Dickerhoff and Ferris Infographic Chart of World War I
A visual summary of European combat during World War I.

1782 Mentelle Map or Plan of Madrid, Spain
Detailed and attractive map of Madrid, Spain.

1750 Lotter Map of Persia, the Caspian Sea, and the Caucasus
Details the extensive road network in the region, connecting Baghdad to Kabul.

1862 Johnson and Ward Map of Florida
Beautiful example of Johnson's iconic map of Florida.

1825 Buchon Map of Vermont
One of the first maps of Vermont published outside of the United States.