Most recently added antique and rare maps as of 8/11/2022.
1872 Platen Wall Map of Chatham County (Savannah), Georgia
First Large-Scale Map of Chatham County, Georgia.

1696 Mortier Map of Siberia, Central Asia, China, Korea and Japan
Includes the earliest acquirable European mapping of Korea based on firsthand report.

1839 Visconti Set of 7 Maps of the Solar System
Summation of 19th century astronomical knowledge.

1676 John Speed Map of Russia
Most Visually Engaging Seventeenth Century Map of Russia.

1595 Mercator Map of Iceland: Second Atlas Map of Iceland, First Edition
First edition of the the second map of Iceland based on local information.
On Hold

1973 Screenprinted Children of God Doomsday Comet Kohouteki Broadside
What will the Christmas Monster bring? Geological cataclysms? Political Catastrophe? Economic Chaos? New World Order? Great Confusion? Energy Crisis? Atomic War? End of the World?

1850 Korean Map of Okinawa, the Ryukyu Islands
Ryukyu's perilous prosperity.

1850 Korean Map of Pyongan Province, Korea
Korea's northwest, including Pyongyang.

1775 Mannevillette Harbor Chart of Port Louis, Mauritius
Key Port in the Indian Ocean.

1946 U.S. State Department Map of Germany Post World War II Allied Occupation Zones
An official U.S. State Department map of Occupation Zones in Post-War Germany.

1872 Harper's Bird's-Eye View of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Celebrating Ulysses S. Grant's second nomination for the Presidency.

1946 Army Information Branch Pictorial Wall Map of Iran
American priorities: oil before disputes.

1794 Carey / Lewis Map of Canada
Britain's rump North American colonies.