Most recently added antique and rare maps as of 3/21/2019.
1137 Earliest Map of China on a Grid, the 'Yu Ji Tu' (19th century rubbing)
…the most outstanding map in the world at that time, and one of the greatest achievements of the Song Dynasty cartographers. - Joseph Needham

1793 / 1851 Gillray Satirical Caricature Map of England and France
A scatological map of England and France.

1858 Admiralty Nautical Chart or Maritime Map of the Gulf of Siam
A British Admiralty nautical chart of the Gulf of Thailand.

1846 Wyld Map of Ireland
A beautiful large format wall map of Ireland.

1957 German Alpine Club Map of Mount Everest and Vicinity
Bilingual German and English map of the region around Mount Everest.

1955 Lindblad Pictorial Map of Africa
A gorgeous pictorial map of Africa featuring illustrations of African wildlife.

1954 Lenz and Smith Bird's-Eye View of Tampa Bay and West Florida
A lovely view of Tampa Bay and vicinity.

1834 Blachford Nautical Chart or Maritime Map of St. George's Channel
A rare ealry blueback chart of St. George's Channel between Wales and Ireland by Blachford.

1903 U.S.C.G.S. Nautical Chart or Maritime Map of Cape Canaveral, Florida
A nautical chart of Cape Canaveral - today the home of NASA's Kennedy Space Center

1791 Johnson and Dalton Map of the Ancholme River in Lincolnshire, England
A map of the flood plain surrounding the Ancholme River in Lincolnshire, England.

1823 Atkinson Nautical Chart of the Entrance to Portsmouth Harbor, England
A very rare nautical chart of the entrance to Portsmouth Harbor, England.

1938 Christopher Murphy D.A.R. Pictorial Map of Georgia
Famed Savannah artist Christopher Murphy's only pictorial map.

1966 Illman Nature Lover's Pictorial Map of North Carolina
Features a pictorial border consisting of illustrations of birds and plants native to North Carolina.

1843 Hall Geological Map of the Central United States
Considered to be a landmark map in the field of geology, as it was the first to utilize the 'New York System'.

1891 Rand McNally Railroad Map of the Western United States
A detailed railroad map of the western United States that highlights the route of the Northern Pacific Railroad.

1916 Irving National Bank Map of New York City Freight Terminals
A rare map highlighting New York City's importance as a center for trade.

1960 Esso Folklore and Legends Map of the United States
Amusing pictorial map of the United States with its various legends and folklore.

1959 Italian Movie Poster Map of the East Indies and Philippines: Battle of the Pacific
Gigantic movie poster and map illustrating a Japanese perspecitive on World War II battle for the Pacific.

1823 Fielding Lucas Map of Florida
A map of Florida published only two years after Florida became a U.S. territory.

1838 Bradford Map of Florida
Florida at the height of the Seminole Wars.