Most recently added antique and rare maps as of 4/2/2023.
1774 Henry Dawkins Satirical Cartoon Map of New England after Boston Tea Party
Early American Political Satire: In the wake of the Boston Tea Party.

1775 Fry / Jefferson Map of Virginia and Maryland
Best colonial map of Virginia and Maryland.

1856 Sturtevant and Bufford View of Vineyard Haven, Martha's Vineyard
Vineyard Haven at the height of its Whaling Boom.

1894 Burgess / Crocker View of San Francisco, California
The Gold Rush in San Francisco.

1845 Beaufoy / Picken View of Quebec City, Canada
19th Century Quebec City at the height of its prosperity.

1875 Henry Thomas View of the Battle of Bunker Hill
The Battle of Bunker Hill.

1800 Purcell Map of the United States w/ State of Franklinia
The state of Franklinia. The first map of the United States by a Southerner.

1938 Kanarek and Lipski Pictorial Nature Map of Poland
Anticipating the Nazi invasion of Poland.

1948 Higgins Pictorial Map of Cape Cod
Cape Cod cuisine.

1972 Lazaro Abreu Cuban Anti-War Vietnam War Propaganda Map of Southeast Asia
Cuban propaganda decrying American violence in Vietnam.

1945 Ciafalo and Helstrom WWII Pictorial Map of Europe: Advanced Supply Unit
This WWII unit built bridges, operated hospitals, and delivered supplies.

1950 Sylvain Pictorial Map of Tahiti
'A wonderland of infinite fascination.'

1898 George H. Walker and Company Map Catalog
Catalog of a prolific Boston map publisher.

1936 Jolly Lindgren Humorous Pictorial Map of Yellowstone National Park
Yellowstone National Park during the New Deal.