Most recently added antique and rare maps as of 7/16/2018.
1957 Operation Plumbbob Nevada Atomic Test Map and Certificate
The last and most controversial nuclear weapon tests in the continental United States.

1898 Queensland Australia Propaganda Immigration Broadsheet and Map
A unique and special broadsheet propaganda piece relating to the early colonization of Queensland, Australia.

1877 Manuscript Map of the Tierra Amarilla Grant in Colorado and New Mexico
Manuscript survey of New Mexico and Colorado Tierra Amarilla Grant - accompanied by an archive of Railroad Engineer.

1855 Edo Period Japanese Kawaraban Map of Edo (Great Ansei Earthquake)
Rare Kawaraban illustraing fires during the Great Ansei Earthquake.

1930 Town Crier Pictorial Map of Cape Cod, Massachusetts
A detailed and humorous depiction of Cape Cod.

1943 Japanese Coprosperity Map of Luzon, the Philippines
A highly uncommon Coprosperity Sphere map.

1959 Reissue of the Japanese Coprosperity Map of Luzon, the Philippines
A 1959 reissue of a highly uncommon Coprosperity Sphere map.

1846 Bradford Map of Maryland
Illustrates the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad, which wouldn't be completed until 1851.

1846 Bradford Map of Delaware
Features the Chesapeake and Delaware Canal, which remains a vital link in North Atlantic trade to this day.

1938 Snow Pictorial Map of Boston Harbor and Massachusetts Bay
A charming pictorial map of the coast of Massachusetts - features an illustration of the Gloucester Sea Serpent and several famous ships.

1968 Bloodgood Pictorial Map of the Navajo Nation in Arizona
Features illustrations of Grand Canyon National Park and Mesa Verde National Park - both of which border the Navajo Nation.

1888 Scribner's Voting Map of the United States (1884 Presidental Election)
llustrates the Presidential Election of 1884 between Grover Cleveland and James G. Blaine.

1938 Sparland Braodsheet Pictorial Map of Africa
Summarizes the state of affairs in immediately before World War II in Africa.

1942 Owens and Minneapolis Morning Tribune Map of Tunisia
Published two days before the Allies resumed their offensive to liberate North Africa.

1898 War Office Map of West Africa
Delineates the border between British and French colonial possessions in West Africa.

1897 War Office Map of Border between Sierra Leone and French Guinea
An official map created by the Anglo-French Boundary Commission.

1572 Ortelius Map of the Arctic (Scandinavia, Iceland, Greenland)
One of the earliest maps to show Mercator's speculative Arctic islands, the apocryphal Friesland, and Zeno's fraudlent version of Labrador, Estotiland.

1874 George H. Ellsbury View of Minneapolis
The second earliest view of Minneapolis. Seen from the roof of the original Macalester College campus.

1852 Dortet de Tessan Map of Singapore and Vicinity
Rare French mapping of Singapore.

1704 Gemelli Map of the Aztec Migration from Aztlan to Chapultapec, Mexico
The first published representation of the pre-Columbian Aztec pilgrimage from Aztlan (Utah?) to Chapultepec (Mexico City).