Most recently added antique and rare maps as of 5/25/2022.
1866 Municipal Council Map of Hong Kew American Settlement, Shanghai, China
First map of the American Concession in Shanghai?

1886 Edmonds 'First Transcontinental Railroad Map' of Canada / Canadian Pacific
Foundation of Canadian coast-to-coast sovereignty!

1861 Wyld Map of the United States during the Civil War
Panic over the 1861 Secession Crises.

1833 Russian Map of Asia
Early detailed Russian map of Asia, including Maritime Southeast Asia.

1851 Bevan Wall City Plan or Map of Elizabethtown (Elizabeth), New Jersey
The 'upside down map' of Elizabethtown.

1788 Schräembl / Rennell map of India
From the First and Finest Austrian Atlas.

1579 Ortelius Map of Florida, Peru, Colombia and the Gulf Coast of Mexico
First Specific Printed Maps of Florida and Peru.

1855 Cruchley Folding Wall Map of London, England
Thirty miles around London.

1687 Van Keulen Map of the Yucatan Peninsula, Belize and Honduras
The Yucatan Peninsula and Coast of Honduras.

1851 Wyld 'Gold Rush' Map of Southeast Australia: New South Wales, Victoria
Best map of southeastern Australia during the 1851 Australian Gold Rush.

1793 Stedman / Conder Map of Guiana
The beauty and horrors of the New World.

1854 J. Calvin Smith and Colton Map of the Upper Midwest
By stage, canal, and railroad from Ohio to Iowa.

1876 Seelstrang / Tourmente Map of Argentina
'The Conquest of the Desert.'

1893 Crocker and Southern Pacific Railroad Map of the United States
Train and steamship from San Francisco to New York.

1875 Bradley Geological Map of the Eastern United States and Canada
Groundbreaking reclassification of American Geological Zones.

1898 Poole Brothers Railroad Map of Washington and Oregon
Encouraging emigration to Oregon and Washington.

1876 Melcher Map of the Pampas, Argentina's 'Conquest of the Desert'
Argentina's subjugation of the frontier.