Most recently added antique and rare maps as of 1/26/2020.
1842 Greenleaf Map of the Republic of Texas
One of the Earliest and Best Depictions of the Republic of Texas

1917 Gen Muraoka 'Zimmermann Telegram' Japanese Map of Mexico
Japanese interest in the WWI Zimmermann Telegram.

1883 Stoddard Map of Lake George, New York 
Rare and Attractive 19h Century Map of Lake George. 

1929 Tyng Pictorial Map of the Eastern United States
Pictorial tribute to American history!

1860 Vaux and Olmstead Map of Central Park, New York City
Extremely rare pocket map of New York's Central Park.

1961 U.S. Geological Survey Set of Three Maps of the Moon
Set of landmark maps of the Moon made for the Apollo 11 Lunar Landing.

1680 Visscher Map of the Caribbean, Florida,  Central America and Terra Firma
A Richly Decorative Dutch Map of the West Indies

1677 Visscher Map of the East Indies, Southeast Aisa, and Australia
A Classic, Richly Detailed and Updated Dutch Mqp of Southeast Asia, the Spice Islands and Australia

1700 Wells Map of the British Posessions in North America
One of a Very Few Early 18th Century English Maps of the British Colonies in America

1951 Troy Map of the World of Fabre Line Shipping Routes
A broadside promoting a French shipping company's routes to Africa and North America.

1677 Visscher Map of Europe
A Classic, Beautiful Dutch Golden Age Map of Europe

1905 Merzbacher Map of Central Tian Shan Mtns. (Western China and Kyrgyzstan)
An extremely rare map of the Tian Shan Mountains and the first to accurately locate Khan Tengri.

1606 Ramusio Map of Western Africa
One of the Earliest Depictions of West Africa Based on Contemporary Report

1951 Liozu Pictorial Map of North America and Central America
A pictorial map of North and Central America.

1940 Rand McNally and Pure Oil Map of Florida
A collectable road map of Florida.

1967 Civic Education Service Pictorial Map of Brazil
An educational pictorial map of Brazil.

1941 Perone Map of the United States Promoting Participation in WWII
A patriotic propaganda piece that declares 'Remember Pearl Harbor' and touts America's ability to fight World War II.

1940 Hagstrom City Plan or Map of Brooklyn, New York, and Vicinity
A highly detailed city map of Brooklyn from around the beginning of World War II.

1948 Geographia City Plan or Map of Manhattan, New York City
A charming post-war city map of New York City featuring small illustrations of the Empire State Building, Rockefeller Center, and other sites around the city.