Most recently added antique and rare maps as of 4/14/2021.
1642 Merian Panoramic View or Map of Venice, Italy
The height of Venetian culture.

1875 Henry Thomas View of the Battle of Bunker Hill
Rare view of the Battle of Bunker Hill.

1870 Concanen Bird's-Eye View of Paris During the Franco-Prussian War
Two weeks before the Siege of Paris.

1697 Coronelli Map of Madagascar and part of Southern Africa
Richly detailed map revealing early European settlement and administration.

1840 Vincendon-Dumoulin Nautical Map of the Loyalty Islands
Charting both Visits of D'Urville to the Loyalty Islands.

1941 Imperial Japanese Survey WWII Map of the Philippines (before invasion)
Aviation map of the Philippines made shortly before Japanese invasion.

1836 Maire Large Format Map of Europe
Reorder Europe after Napoleon.

1588 Munster Woodcut View of Venice
One of the Earliest Acquirable Views of Venice.

1561 Ruscelli Map of Brazil
First Specific Copperplate Map of Brazil.

1681 Dapper view of Damascus, Syria
Beautifully Engraved 17th Century View of Damascus.

1886 Garcia y Cubas Map of Durango, Mexico
Treasure of the Sierra Madre.

1994 Lardie Pictorial Postcards Denouncing the Bosnian War (Set of 7 cards)
Praising the United Nations intervention in Bosnia.