Most recently added antique and rare maps as of 4/5/2020.
1877 Ruger / Stoner View of Portsmouth, New Hampshire
Stunning highly detailed bird's-eye view of Portsmouth, New Hampshire.

1861 Admiralty Civil War Blockade Runner Map of the Savannah River, Georgia
A Civil War blockade-runners map of the Savannah River.

1814 Despuig Map of Majorca, Balaeric Islands, Spain (with surround)
Extraordinary and rare map of Mallorca with decorative borders.

1741 Jesuit Map of
  the Orinoco River Valley in Venezuela and Colombia
A Detailed and Richly Engraved Map of Jesuit Missions in 18th Century Venezuela

1841 Smith, Elder and Co. Map of the New Zealand Colony
One of the earliest maps of the colony of New Zealand.

1906 Richard Rummell Bird's-Eye View of Williams College, Massachusetts
Rare bird's-eye view of Williams College campus.

  Wyld map of India and Afghanistan
India and Afghanistan at the Dawn of 'The Great Game'

1898 Muller, Luchsinger View of the Battle of Manila, Philippines
An extremely rare view of the Battle of Manila during the Spanish-American War.

1899 Fort Dearborn Publishing Co. Map of the Philippines
A detailed advertising map of the Philippines published during the Philippine-American War.

1677 Visscher Map of Hungary, Croatia, Bosnia, Serbia and Dalmatia
A Beautiful Map of the Contentious Borderland between Western Europe and the Turkish Empire

1677 Visscher Map of the Frontiers of Turkey in Europe
A Beautiful Map of the Lower Danube and the Turkish Frontier in Europe

1885 Vlieger Dutch Board Game Map of Horse-Drawn Trolleys
A Dutch game board highlighting horse-drawn trolleys around Amsterdam.

1710 Wit/ Mortier Map of England and Wales: a Scarce State
Engraved at the Height of the Golden Age of Dutch Cartography

1893 Shawe Map of Southeast Asia / French Indochina
A rare map of Southeast Asia that includes the famous route mandarine.

1983 Esguerra Pictorial Map of Savannah, Georgia
A rare pictorial map of Savannah commissioned to commemorate the 250th anniversary of the founding of the Colony of Georgia.

1939 Harrison Map of Europe
Details continental Europe and its military installations on the brink of World War II.

1927 McGill-Warner Railroad Map of the Western United States
A rare railroad map highlighting the railways that were part of the network owned by the Great Northern Railroad.

1893 Royal Geographical Map of North Greenland and the 1891 Peary Expedition
This expedition established without question that Greenland is an island.