Most recently added antique and rare maps as of 6/16/2021.
1831 Bouchette / Wyld Map of Canada (Quebec / Ontario)
Very good. Slight offsetting. Old linen stable. Original slipcase.

1801 Osgood Carleton Map of Massachusetts
1st Official Map of Massachusetts.

1814 Covens and Mortier Plan and Map of Amsterdam
Magnificent, updated plan of Amsterdam.

1833 Hérisson Folding Wall Map of North America and South America
The Northwest Passage - Reconciling face, fiction, and wishful thinking.

1880 Laurie Blueback Nautical Chart of the South Pacific, New Zealand, Australia
If all you care about is here, this is a good place to be. -Emile de Becque

1875 Imray Nautical Chart Map of Cape Horn, the Strait of Magellan, and Patagonia
Below 40 degrees latitude, there is no law; below 50, there is no God... - Old Sailor Adage.

1929 Republic of China Map Office Propaganda Map of Beijing / Peking
Celebrating the Republic of China.

1937 Soffer 'Master Plan' of Haifa, Israel (British Mandate Palestine)
Master-pan of Haifa during its peak of prosperity.

1910 Richard Rummell View of Dickinson College, Pennsylvania
Proof State of a Rare College View.

1914 Florida East Coast Railway Railroad Map of Florida
The FEC reaches Key West!

1886 Norris Wooden Geography Game Zylo-Karta
'Very popular in the leading homes of Washington, D.C., including the 'White House,' and in the homes of cultured, refined and Christian people in all parts of the country.'

1968 Aramco Map of Saudi Arabia
Recruiting map for Aramco's Saudi Arabian operations.

1666 De Wit map of the Duchy of Brabant
Theatre of the Eighty Years' War.

1916 Wanamaker Map of the City of Philadelphia
Philadelphia Sesquicentennial Exposition.

1656 Jansson/Visscher Map of New England (Rare Second State)
The Earliest Acquirable, Separate Issue.

1900 Aece Hage / Rand McNally Chromolithograph View of Jerusalem
Masterpiece of chromolithography.

19 Hotchkiss Wall Map of Denver, Colorado
Striking whiteprint wall map of Denver.

1776 De L'Isle / Santini Map of North America and the Arctic (Sea of the West)
Dreams of a Northwest Passage and the Sea of the West.