Most recently added antique and rare maps as of 6/6/2020.
322 Huang Tingji Map of Jinshan Shanghai - earliest known map of Shanghai
The oldest map of any part of Shanghai.

1748 Bowen Map of Georgia - first specific map of Georgia!
The most important map of Georgia issued before the American Revolutionary War.

1869 Ewen / Towle Map of Manhattan, New York City, North of 55th St.
One of the earliest maps to show Riverside Park.

1880 Stanford Map of Afghanistan During the Second Anglo-Afghan War
Unique! w/ Manuscript notations tracing Roberts' famous march from Kabul to Kandahar.

1865 Vallardi Pictorial Bird's Eye View of Italy
A striking bird's eye view of Italy from the north highlighting all of the peninsula's major cities.

1809 Azara Maps of Argentina, Chile, Bolivia, Paragua, Uruguay and Brazil
The best 18th century survey of the interior of South America

1868 Crafts City Plan or Map of Boston, Massachusetts
The official map of Boston following the Annexation of Roxbury.

1879 Wyld Map of Southeast Asia: Burma, Thailand, Malaya, Singapore, Vietnam
Illustrates the vital trade link between Calcutta, Singapore, and Hong Kong.

1920 Brett's Pharmacy English Language City Plan or Map of Yokohama, Japan
English language tourist map of Yokohama!

1878 Testard Pictorial Map of Paris, France with Monuments
Overlooks Paris from the east and illustrates the Louvre, Notre Dame, and the Arc de Triomphe.

1923 Stigand Map of North-West District or Ngamiland, Botswana - Okavango Delta
The first detailed mapping of the Okavango Delta, a Natural Wonder of Africa and a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

1940 Suchy Pictorial Map of Key West, Florida
Florida's Island Paradise!

1838 Lapie Map of North America and the Republic of Texas
French recognition of the Republic of Texas.

1679 Sanson Map of Guiana and northern Brazil
Highlights the 'inland sea' of Lake Parima and El Dorado!

1799 Edwards Map of the West Indies
Labels Spiritu Santo Bay - Tampa Bay.

1875 Dufour Map of the cantons of Fribourg and Bern from the First Swiss National Survey
West-Central Switzerland mapped during the first geometrically accurate survey of Switzerland.

1904 U.S. Geological Survey Topographic Map of Yellowstone National Park
A topographic map highlighting Yellowstone National Park's unique topography.

1945 Nostrand Subway Map of New York City
New York City near the end of World War II.

1930 Leung Kai Fook Drug Store Advertising Map of Guangdong / Hong Kong
How to be Charles Atlas - using Chinese medicine!

1869 Johnston City Plan or Map of Edinburgh and Leith, Scotland
Details the Industrial Revolution's effect on Edinburgh and Leith through labeling factories, breweries, mills, works, etc.