Most recently added antique and rare maps as of 5/20/2019.
1848 Joshua W. Ash Map of Delaware County, Pennsylvania
The most important map of Delaware County, PA.

1852 Colton Pocket Map or Chart of the World's Mountains and Rivers
Earliest known iternation of Colton's iconic Comparative Mountains and Rivers Chart.

1635 G. Blaeu Map of America
Highly decorative Dutch Golden Age map of America.

1869 Gaylord Watson Map of the Western United States
Striking railroad map issued shortly after the driving of the Golden Spike. One of the earliest maps to illustrate Wyoming as a territory.

1949 War Office Map of Hong Kong
A map of Hong Kong created shortly after World War II.

1941 Showa 16 Japanese Youth Manga Map of East Asia and Southeast Asia
Fascinating manga map revealing Japanese ambitions prior to World War II.

1963 Coody Map of the Whig Party's Proposed U.S. Supreme Court Districts
Illustrates proposed districts for the U.S. Supreme Court as proposed by the 1960s era National Whig Party.

1773 Cook Maps of the Endeavor River and Botany Bay, New South Wales, Australia
Two nautical charts from Cook's first voyage printed on one sheet.

1913 Travelers Insurance Company Map of the Mexican Revolution
Illustrates the situation during the Mexican revolution a year before the American invasion at Veracruz.

1929 Guillot and Adam City Map or Plan of New Orleans, Louisiana
Highlights a proposed development along Lake Pontchartrain and the extension of the City Park.

1700 Basire Engraving of Anglo-Saxon Idols and the Wicker Man
Includes illustrations of The Sun, The Moon, Woden and Thor.

1810 Porlier Map of Northern Vietnam and the Gulf of Tonkin
An extremely rare early map of northern Vietnam most likely identifying Hanoi and Hue.

1810 Porlier Map of the Red River System and the Gulf of Tonkin, Vietnam
An early map of the Red River in Vietnam based on Jesuit reports.

1960 Anscombre Pictorial Map of Economic Production of N. America and Asia
Illustrates the economic production of North America and Asia and identifies numerous industries.

1960 Anscombre Pictorial Map of Plants and Animals of North America and Asia
A double-sided French pictorial map illustrating the plants and animals of North America and Asia.

1863 Mitchell Map of Kansas, Nebraska, Colorado, and Idaho
One of the earliest maps to depict the Idaho Territory.

1864 Mitchell City Map or Plan of Washington D. C.
One of the most attractive American atlas maps of Washington D.C. to appear in the mid-19th century.

1912 Hankow Daily News Map of Hankow / Hankou / Wuhan (after fire!)
Only known example. The 1911 burning of Hankow and reconstruction plans.

1949 Goldschmidt City Map or Plan of Tel Aviv, Israel
A city plan of Tel Aviv printed in Hebrew one year after the creation of the state of Israel.

1935 Gauer Pictorial Map of Jerusalem, Israel (w/ Manuscript Notations)
A pictorial map of Jerusalem published for His Majesty's and Allied Troops.