Most recently added antique and rare maps as of 9/24/2019.
1849 Sidney Map of the Twelve Miles Around New York City
Charming map of New York City before consolidation - labels individual residences throughout Brooklyn, Queens, and New Jersey.

1878 Turner Map of Sichuan and Yunnan, China and Tibet
Traces the 1877 expedition of British Army officer William John Gill.

1942 German Propaganda Map of the Pacific Promoting Japanese Victories
Dutch language propaganda poster created by the Wehrmacht propaganda branch.

1791 Depot de Marine Chart / Map  of the Azores w/ Coastal Views
The first French chart of the Azores made employing modern instrumentation.

1576 Heinrich Petri Ptolemaic Map of Africa
16th Century Woodcut Map of Africa as Ancient Rome Knew It

1931 Herrmann Zionist Bird's Eye View Map of Israel / Palestine
A beautifully colored Zionist bird's eye view of the Holy Land.

1822 Carey and Lea Map of Maine
First map of the State of Maine

1886 Burleigh Bird's Eye View Map of East Pepperell, Massachusetts
Includes an illustration of the Pepperell Covered Bridge.

1862 John Pope Map of the Mississippi River around New Madrid, MO
Important early Civil War Map illustrating the first major Union victory on the Mississippi River at New Madrid or the Kentucky Bend.

1943 or Showa 18 World War II Era Japanese Map of Australia
An Imperial Japanese map of Australia.

1933 Mora Pictorial Map of New York City
A wonderfully charming pictorial map of New York City featuring a devil at Hell Gate and a fishbowl for the New York Aquarium.

1903 Poole Brothers Railroad Map of California w/ a List of Hotels
Indexes numerous hotels and boarding houses around California for those interested in traveling to the state by rail.

1871 Geological Map of Massachusetts
A Beautiful Map of Massachusetts Rich in Geological Data

1865 Johnson Map of Iowa and Nebraska
Civil War-Era Map of Iowa as the Railroads Stab Westwards

1825 Schoolgirl Map of the United States
Fascinating schoolgirl map of the United States

1783 Kitchin Map of the United States
One of the earliest obtainable English maps to name and recognize the newly created United States.

1945 Kaliher and White Set of Pictorial WWII Route Maps of  79th Inf. in Europe
A complete set of 79th Infantry Division route maps from World War II - maps created by the soldiers for the soldiers.

1851 Colton Map of Central America - illustrating the Mosquito Question
Map of Central America illustrating the hotly debated Mosquito Kingdom question.

1944 Showa 19 Japanese Map WWII of the Philippines (very large)
Exceptional large format Japanese map of the Philippines with detailed inset of Manila.

1949 Kenneth Thompson Pictorial Advertising Map of the Americas
Exceedingly scarce poster promoting the interconnected networks of multiple airlines and shipping companies throughout the Americas.