Most recently added antique and rare maps as of 12/8/2021.
1573 Ortelius Map of America
The first Atlas Map of the Western Hemisphere.

1889 'Mission Pavie' First Scientific Survey Map of Laos
First scientific map of Laos.

1926 Bilingual Geological Map of Taiwan (Formosa)
Taiwan's Minerals and Japan's Empire.

1895 Laillet and Suberbie Map of Madagascar
Colonial Wars, Gold Mining, and Political Intrigue!

1798 Savage View of the George Washington Family at Mount Vernon
An iconic image of George Washington and his family - issued during his lifetime!

1804 Neele / Boisgelin Map of Malta and Gozo
The largest 19th century map of Malta - issued by an ex-Knight when the Order of St. John was nearly destroyed.

1874 Stanford Railroad Map of the United States
Foreign investment in American Railroad Securities.

1709 De Fer Map of West Africa and Senegal
Among the first maps to detail French West Africa.

1903 Philip Map of the British Empire: Trade and Resource Infographic
British Empire trade infographic.

1842 Laurie / Purdy Blueback Nautical Chart of Brazil
Largest general blueback chart of Brazil.

1923 Land Survey Bureau Map of the Destruction Caused by the Great Kanto Earthquake
The immediate aftermath of the Great Kanto Earthquake.

1940 Bergelin Propaganda Map of the British Isles, Northern France, and the North Sea
French WWII propaganda from before the German invasion.

1903 Set of 8 Johnston Charts of Human Anatomy and Physiology
A rare set of eight full-color early twentieth century anatomical charts.

1945 Kroll Map Company Pictorial Map of Puget Sound, Washington, and Vancouver
Visually striking map of the Pacific Northwest.

1974 City of Liverpool Beatles Pictorial Map of Liverpool
Wonderful pictorial map illustrating the Beatles' early career in Liverpool.

1820 Luigi Rossi Chart of Maritime Merchant and War Flags
Maritime flags of major powers soon after the Congress of Vienna.

1949 Gadbois and Ritter Cartoon Pictorial Map of the U.S.N.T.C. Great Lakes
A rare cartoon map of the U.S. Naval Training Center Great Lakes - today the U.S. Navy's largest training center - celebrating Christmas and New Years.

1906 Barritt Serviss Star and Planet Finder
The Heavens without a Telescope, The Only Practical Combination Star, Planet, and Sun and Moon Map. - Barritt

1880 Kimata Isaburō Map of Tokyo and Environs
Tokyo at a moment of transformation.