Geographicus DOES NOT offer off-the-cuff valuation or historical pricing data over the phone or by email. Instead we offer basic appraisal services for a modest fee. Our specialist appraisals are based upon industry experience, our database of 50+ years of antique map price records, and our extensive research library. Note, we are not AAA (Appraisers Association of America) certified appraisers, so our appraisals, while we stand behind them, are informational only.

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Basic Antique Map Appraisal: (100 USD / map) If your collection consists of less than 5 maps and you want a sense of value without full appraisal costs, our Basic Antique Map Appraisal may suit your needs. With quality photos of your map(s), we can provide a general review with retail and wholesale / auction estimates, a short history of the map, notes on its cartographers, a date, and offer suggestions on salability and restoration. Of course, photographs cannot account for all potential issues, some of which require tests or an in-person examination.

The fee for this service is 100 USD per map, so if you have several maps that you want appraised, you will need to increase the quantity of purchased appraisals accordingly. On business days, we will try to complete the appraisal within 24 hours, but in some cases it may take up to 5 business days. Once you order a Basic Antique Map Appraisal you will be directed to form to upload photos and other data.

Purchase Quote: If you have a map you are interested in selling, we are happy review photos. Please navigate to our ANTIQUE MAP ACQUISITION POLICY to submit maps for consideration.