Geographicus offers a wide range of appraisal services. Our specialist appraisals of antique maps are based upon our years of industry experience, our database containing 30 years of antique map auction records, and our extensive research library. Unlike many rare map appraisers/dealers, we will not, as a general rule, acquire maps that we appraise, it is a clear conflict of interest. We may however take such an item on consignment dependent on the individual map. If you want to sell us your map, you may want to read about purchase quotes (bottom of page).

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Basic Antique Map Appraisal: (50 USD / map) If your collection consists of less than 5 antique or rare maps and you want to get a sense of their value without paying full appraisal costs, our Basic Antique Map Appraisal option may suit your needs. If you send us quality photos of your rare map(s) via email or the postal service, we will examine them and get back to you by email or telephone with a general idea of their retail and wholesale / auction value. Of course, using photographs alone we cannot truly examine a rare map for the many flaws and imperfections an antique map may have. Nor are we able to determine whether or not a map is authentic or merely a very high quality reproduction without an in-person examination. The fee for this service is 50 USD per map, so if you have multiple rare maps that you want an Basic Antique Map Appraisal on, you will need to increase the quantity of appraisals accordingly. On business days we will generally complete a basic appraisal within 24 hours, however, in some cases it may take up to 2 business days to complete - if this is the case, we will inform you of such promptly. Once you order a Basic Antique Map Appraisal you will receive an email confirmation. Please reply to this confirmation with photos of the rare map(s) you wish us to examine. Prepayment is required to take advantage of this service.

Full Antique Map Appraisal: (350 USD / Map) For those seeking an in depth written appraisal and authentication, Geographicus offers full in-person antique map appraisals. This service can be utilized either by mailing us the map for examination or by making an appointment to bring us the physical map. In-person appraisal offers a more in depth study of the map or maps and includes, in addition to a valuation, signed documents of authentication that can be kept with the map. These include a history of the map, notes on known provenance, a condition report, commentary on special features the map may have, and recommendations for possible conservation work, if necessary. Prepayment is required to take advantage of this service. The fee for this service is 350 USD / map. Please call our customer service number to discuss this service.

Collection Appraisal: This service is for those institutions and collectors who are seeking a full professional examination of their map collection accompanied by a survey of the individual maps from both a physical and historical perspective. This service includes a written statement detailing our findings, a certification of authenticity, both wholesale and retail valuations, and a bibliography of research materials used to make our determinations. Because some rare and valuable maps may require significant research and because we are attaching our name and reputation to this appraisal, billing for this service starts at 500 USD plus expenses such as travel.

Purchase Quote: If you have a map you are interested in selling, we would be happy to examine the map in person or over the internet. If we are not interested, we will politely tell you so, but can provide no further information about the map or its value. If we are interested in acquiring the map, we may choose to make a purchase offer. Obviously, any offer is tentative until we are able to examine the map in person to determine if it is authentic or has damage not apparent from the photographs. In most cases the agreed upon purchase price does not change and we will send you a check or PayPal payment immediately upon receiving the map. If we must return the map, we will ship it back to you at our own expense. Please read our full Antique Map Acquisition Policy before contacting us.
Please feel free to contact us for more information on our appraisal services or to set up an appointment.

We are also always interested in purchasing new material. If you have an antique map or map collection that you are interested in selling, please read our Antique Map Acquisition Policy then contact us via our customer service number or email.

If you are interested in more information on how antique maps are valued, please read my blog post on that topic: Rare and Antique Map Value.