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Rare and Antique Map Acquisition Policy

Geographicus Rare Antique Maps adheres to a strict acquisition policy and procedure, as follows:

1. You may initiate contact by calling us or sending us an email with photos of your map. It is unlikely we will be able to proceed or offer any further information without seeing clear images of the map. Images may be emailed to When taking photos:
  1. Images must be clear.
  2. Include images of the front and back. If the map is in a frame, remove if at all possible.
  3. Include a detail close up of the title text and of any damaged areas.
2. Once I have had the opportunity to examine your photos I will get back to you. If we are interested in purchasing the map we will ask you how much you are asking for the map. Often clients do not know the value of their map and expect us to put forth a price. This should not be misunderstood to be an appraisal. Any offer reflects the map's value to us and to our clientele, not historic market value. If you are interested in knowing the historic market value of your map, you may want to consider our appraisal services:

3. If we are able to isolate a mutually agreeable price, I will ask you to ship the map to Geographicus at our expense. To facilitate this, I will provide you with our company FedEx number. Some clients request payment in advance. We have a very strict policy of not rendering payment for any item until we have examined it in person. The reasons for this are as follows:
  1. All offers are tentative until the map has been examined in person.
  2. It is very difficult to determine if a map is authentic from photos. We must see it in person to be certain it is what it is supposed to be.
  3. A map may have many condition issues that are not apparent from photographs.
  4. A map may be unintentionally or intentionally misrepresented.
  5. We are contacted multiple times each day by individuals interested in selling their maps or map collections. While most people who contact us are honest, there are a few scoundrels out there who are attempting to initiate a fraudulent transaction. While individuals can know a great deal about us and our business just by browsing our website and checking our trade affiliations, we can know almost nothing about you.
4. Once we have examined the map and determined that it is what it is supposed to be, we will immediately render payment via check or PayPal, as you prefer. For certain international deals we can also pay via direct bank to bank wire transfers. We do not use Western Union or other cash sending services.

5. Occasionally we will receive a map that is not as expected or represented. It may have condition issues, be a forgery, or simply not be what we expected. In this case we will generally return the map to you at our own expense. From time to time, if the issue is related to condition, we will explain the problem to the seller and may agree to a lower price that will leave room for professional restoration work. If this happens and we cannot come to an agreement, we will return the map to you, as above.

6. This process is greatly expedited for those individuals able to bring their map to us in person.

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