Below you will find our regional category listing for antique maps of the European continent and individual European countries. As these are antique maps and political boundaries change in the course of time, there may be some regional overlap.
European Continent: Antique maps of the entire continent of Europe.
British Isles: Antique maps of Ireland, England and Scotland, including London.
France: Antique maps of France, including Paris.
Germany & the Czech Republic: Antique maps of Germany and the Czech Republic.
Italy: Antique maps of Italy, Sardinia and Corsica.
Austria, Switzerland & Hungary: Antique maps of Austria, Switzerland and Hungary.
Greece & the Balkans: Antique maps of Greece and the Balkans (Albania, Bosnia, Croatia, etc).
Russia & Eastern Europe: Antique maps of Russia and Eastern Europe (Romania, Bulgaria, Poland, Latvia, Lithuania, Ukraine, etc.).
Sweden, Norway, Finland & Denmark: Antique maps of Scandinavia: Sweden, Finland, Norway, and Denmark, including Iceland and the Faeroe Islands.
Spain, Portugal: Antique maps of Iberia: Spain and Portugal.