1870 Gilpin and Ebert Map of Colorado showing Gold Regions (Colton edition)
Code: Colorado-ebertgilpin-1870
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Cartographer: http://www.geographicus.com/mm5/cartographers/ebert.txt
Cartographer 2: http://www.geographicus.com/mm5/cartographers/gilpin.txt
Cartographer 3: http://www.geographicus.com/mm5/cartographers/colton.txt
Condition: Very good. Comes with original binder, from which it has been detached. Map exhibits minor verso reinforcement here and there along original fold lines where the map exhibits some wear. All an all a very fine example.
Date: 1870 (dated)
Height: 26.5
Note: The final state of the landmark Ebert-Gilpin map of Colorado.
References: Wheat, Carl Irving, Mapping the Transmississippi West, 1540-1861 (5 vols), #1040 and #1118. OCLC: 17251276.
Scale: 1 : 760320
Tags: Colorado, Rocky Mountains, Gold Rush, Ebert, Gilpin, Colton
Title: Map of Colorado Territory, Embracing the Central Gold Region.
Width: 36.5
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1899 Panoramic View Map 'Route of the Mormon Pioneers'  (Utah, Iowa, Wyoming, Nebraska)
Code: MormonPioneers-millroyhayes-1899
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Cartographer: http://www.geographicus.com/mm5/cartographers/millroyhayes.txt
Condition: Very good. Minor edge wear. Presentation copy on thick stock
Date: 1899 (dated)
Height: 14
Note: Extraordinary panorama showing the route of the Mormon Pioneers and the Westward Expansion.
Scale: 1 : 67905000
Tags: Westward Migration, Mormons, Millroy and Hayes, Great Salt Lake, Pioneers, View, Broadside, Americana
Title: Route of the Mormon Pioneers from Nauvoo to Great Salt Lake.
Width: 41.5
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1606 Mercator Hondius Map of the Arctic (First Map of the North Pole)
Code: NorthPole2-mercator-1606
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Cartographer: http://www.geographicus.com/mm5/cartographers/mercator.txt
Cartographer 2: http://www.geographicus.com/mm5/cartographers/hondius.txt
Condition: Good. Minor soiling. Two facsimile repairs to lower border. Centerfold reinforcement.
Date: 1606 (undated)
Height: 15
Note: Important second edition of Mercator and Hondius' Map of the Arctic showing a break with 16th century cartographic convention.
Publication: http://www.geographicus.com/mm5/publications/atlasmercatorhondius.txt
References: OCLC: 898431950. Taylor, E.G.R. (1956). 'A Letter Dated 1577 from Mercator to John Dee', Imago Mundi 13: 56–68. Van der Krogt, P. C. J., Koeman's Atlantes Neerlandici, 0020:1A. Burden, P., The Mapping of North America: A List of Printed Maps, 1511-1670, 88. Verner, Coolie and Stuart-Stubbs, B., The North Part of America, p. 142-187. National Library of Australia, 1628 MAP RM 150. Ginsberg, William B., Printed Maps of Scandinavia and the Arctic, 1482-1601, 33.3. Kershaw, K., Early Printed Maps of Canada, 23C. Costa, B. F., 'Arctic Exploration', Journal of the American Geographical Society of New York, Vol 12, p. 159-192. Pool, J., 'Spitsbergen: Early Exploration and Mapping', IMCOS Journal, vol 121, 35-42.
Scale: 1 : 34214400
Source: Mercator, G. and Hondius, J, Atlas, 1606.
Tags: Mercator, Hondius, North Pole, Speculative Cartography, Conibas, Anian, California
Title: Septentrionalium Terrarum descriptio.
Width: 16
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1783 Vaugondy Map of the World in Hemispheres
Code: World-vaugondy-1783
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Cartographer: http://www.geographicus.com/mm5/cartographers/vaugondy.txt
Condition: Very good. Original platemark visible. Wear to outer margins. Minor soiling lower right corner. Original fold lines exhibit some wear. Blank on verso.
Date: 1783 (dated)
Height: 19
Note: From an ephemeral period after Cook's voyage but before the offical maps and accounts were released.
References: Pedley, M. S., Bel et Utile, cat no. 8, page 62 (illus). Rumsey 3353.013 (1752).
Scale: 1 : 70000000
Source: Robert de Vaugondy, G., Atlas Universel (Paris: Boudet) 1783.
Tags: Vaugondy, Groux, Boudet, Cook, River of the West, De Fonte, de Fuca, Speculative Cartography, Baron Lahonton
Title: Mappemonde ou Description du Globe Terrestre dresse sur les memories les plus nouveaux et assujettie aux observations astronomiques, avec les Routes, et Decouvertes du Celebre Captaine Cook.
Width: 28
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1783 De L'Isle Map of the United States and Canada
Code: UnitedStatesCanada-delisle-1783
Price: $2,700.00
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Cartographer: http://www.geographicus.com/mm5/cartographers/delisle.txt
Cartographer 2: http://www.geographicus.com/mm5/cartographers/buache.txt
Cartographer 3: http://www.geographicus.com/mm5/cartographers/dezauche.txt
Condition: Very good. Original centerfold. Original pressmark visible. Blank on verso.
Date: 1783 (dated)
Height: 20
Note: Beautifully illustrates the intriguing discoveries of the Baron Lahonton.
References: Tooley, R. V., The Mapping of America, p. 20-1, #42. Kershaw, K. A., Early Printed Maps of Canada, 315. Karpinski, L. C., Bibliography of the Printed Maps of Michigan, 1804-1880, p. 40, 47.
Source: Delisle, G., and Buache, P., Atlas Geographique et Universel, (Dezauche, Paris), 1789.
Title: Carte du Canada Qui Comprend la Partie Septentrionale des Etats Unis D'Amerique.
Width: 26
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1786 Tardieu and Evans Map of the Middle British Colonies: Ohio, Pennsylvania, Kentucky
Code: MiddleColonies3-tardieuevans-1787
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Cartographer: http://www.geographicus.com/mm5/cartographers/evans.txt
Cartographer 2: http://www.geographicus.com/mm5/cartographers/tardieupierref.txt
Condition: Very good. Slight wear along original fold lines. Right margin expertly extended. Blank on verso. Platemark visible.
Date: 1787 (undated)
Height: 19.5
Note: Later edition of Lewis Evans' map, considered a milestone both for its political significance and expansion of cartographic knowledge.
References: McCorkle, B. B, New England in Early Printed Maps 1513 - 1800, 787.6. Schwartz & Ehrenberg, The Mapping of America, p.162, pl. 98. Klinefelter, W., 'The Maps of Lewis Evans', Transactions of the American Philosophical Society, New Series, Vol. 61, No. 7 (1971), pp. 3-65. Streeter, Lewis Evans His Map, pp.17-28. Pritchard and Taliaferro, Degrees of Latitude, p. 172. Stevens, Henry N., Lewis Evans: His Map of the Middle British Colonies in America.
Scale: 1: 2217600
Source: Crevecoeur, Michel Guillaume St. Jean de, Lettres d'un Cultivateur Ameriquain, (Paris) 1787.
Tags: Evans, French and Indian War, Tardieu, Crevecoeur, Middle Colonies
Title: Carte Generale des Etats de Virginie, Maryland, Delaware, Pensilvanie, Nouveau-Jersey, New-York, Connecticut et Isle de Rhodes Ainsi que des Lacs Erie, Ontario, et Champlain. D'Apres la Carte Ameriquaine de Louis Evans et la Carte Anglaise de Thomas-Jefferys.
Width: 26
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1716 Homann Map of New York and New England
Code: NovaAnglia2-homann-1716
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Cartographer: http://www.geographicus.com/mm5/cartographers/homann.txt
Condition: Good. Some creasing and centerfold wear. Minor verso reinforcement.
Date: 1716 (undated)
Height: 19.5
Note: A beautiful map of New York and New England in the Jansson-Visscher model.
References: Goss, J., The Mapping of North America: Three Centuries of Map-Making 1500-1860 #50. McCorkle, B.B., New England in Printed Maps 1513-1800: An Illustrated Carto-Bibliography, 724.1. Portinaro, P., and Knirsch, F., The Cartography of North America 1500-1800, pl.116. Van Ermen, E., The United States in Old Maps and Prints, p.47. Sellers, J. and Van Ee, P. M., Maps and Charts of North America and the West Indies 1750-1789, 807. Manasek, F. J., Collecting Old Maps, 73. Baynton-Williams, Checklist: Printed Maps of New England to 1780, Part IV: 1700-1780, #1716.01b.
Scale: 1 : 380000
Source: Homann, J. B., Atlas Novus, (Amsterdam) 1716.
Tags: Homann, Jansson-Visscher, Lake Iroquois, Long Island, Fur Trade, Norumbega
Title: Nova Anglia Septentrionali Americae Implantata Anglorumque Coloniis Florentissima Geographice Exhibita a Joh. Baptista Homann.
Width: 23.5
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1746 Popple Key Map of North America (Crepy)
Code: NorthAmericaPoppleKey-crepy-1746
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Cartographer: http://www.geographicus.com/mm5/cartographers/popple.txt
Cartographer 2: http://www.geographicus.com/mm5/cartographers/crepy.txt
Condition: Good. Margins narrow but intact. Moderate toning.
Date: 1746 (undated)
Height: 20.25
References: Goss, J., The Mapmaker’s Art: A History of Cartography, 55.
Scale: 1 : 11000000
Tags: French and Indian War, American Revolutionary War, Popple, Crepy, Lempiere
Title: Carte Generale De L'Amerique Septentrionale Avec les possessions Angloises dans cette partie du nouveau monde, Dressee sur la carte de Pople, publiee a Londres en 20 fuilles, pour servir a l'intelligence de la guerre presente.
Width: 19.5
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1820 Warner Pocket Map of the United States
Code: UnitedStates-warner-1820
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Cartographer: http://www.geographicus.com/mm5/cartographers/warnerb.txt
Cartographer 2: http://www.geographicus.com/mm5/cartographers/andersonh.txt
Condition: Good. Backed with archival tissue for stability. Some creasing throughout including old printing creases near title. Light soiling. Original binder absent.
Date: 1820 (dated)
Height: 16.25
Note: Among the earliest American maps to show the United States stretching from coast to coast.
References: Wheat, Carl Irving, Mapping of the Transmississippi West, 1540-1861, 340. Phillips (America) p. 881. Arkway, Cat 57.
Scale: 1: 7603200
Tags: Warner, Ames-Onis Treaty, Great Salt Lake, Buenaventura River, Anderson
Title: United States of America Corrected and Improved from the Best Authorities
Width: 25
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1796 Mannert Map of North America and South America
Code: America-mannert-1796
Price: $1,650.00
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Cartographer: http://www.geographicus.com/mm5/cartographers/mannert.txt
Cartographer 2: http://www.geographicus.com/mm5/cartographers/schneiderweigel.txt
Condition: Very good. Original centerfold Pressmark visible. Lower and upper margins narrow - could be extended upon request.
Date: 1796 (dated)
Height: 21
Note: Scarce German mapping of the Americas shortly following the Revolutionary War.
References: Reed College, G3290 1796 .M36. American Philsosphical Society, 120: 1796: M315awc.
Title: America nach der zweyten Ausgabe von Arrowsmiths Weltcharte und dessen Globular Projection nach den Berichten der Jesuiten und anderer Reisebe Schreiber, und nach Raymals, Gatterers, Angaben entworten von C. Mannert.
Width: 24
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1891 U.S. Coast Survey Map of New York City: Harlem River, Hell Gate, Roosevelt Island
Code: HellGateRooseveltIsland-uscs-1891
Price: $1,500.00
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Cartographer: http://www.geographicus.com/mm5/cartographers/uscs.txt
Condition: Very good. Two sheets joined at center. Some toning.
Date: 1891 (dated)
Height: 27
Note: The only known example in this edition.
References: University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Library, G3802.H4 P531895.U5. Stanford University, Branner Earth Sciences Library, G3804 .N4 P5 1892 .U4.
Scale: 3.513888889
Tags: U.S. Government Map, Hell's Gate, Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn, Roosevelt Island
Title: Hell Gate and East River from S. End of Blackwell's Island to Lawrence's Point including Little Hell Gate and Mouth of Harlem River.
Width: 53
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1850 Smith Map of North America w/ California Gold Region and early Texas
Code: NorthAmerica2-smith-1850
Price: $1,400.00
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Cartographer: http://www.geographicus.com/mm5/cartographers/shermansmith.txt
Cartographer 2: http://www.geographicus.com/mm5/cartographers/disturnell.txt
Condition: Good. Verso repairs to several spits. Early tape damage in which old tape has been removed from verso, but some staining remains.. Professionally flattened and backed on archival tissue. Lacking boards. Priced accordingly.
Date: 1850 (dated)
Height: 22.5
Note: Important Gold Rush map detailing the California Gold Region and showing Texas at its largest.
References: Rumsey 2770.000 (later edition). Wheat, C. I., Mapping of the Transmississippi West, 1540 – 1861, 692. Wheat, C. I., Maps of the California Gold Region, 232.
Scale: 1 : 15000000
Tags: Sherman and Smith, Texas, Republic of Texas, Westward Migration, California Gold Rush, Nebraska Territory, Compromise of 1850, Disturnell
Title: Map of North America by J. Calvin Smith.
Width: 19.25
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