Lev Markovich Abramovich (1884 - 1948) was a Russian Jewish emigré who lived and worked in Harbin, China, as a typographer, lithographer, and bookbinder. He graduat4ed from a vocational school in Odessa in 1903 and worked in the Echo of China printing house in Shanghai from 1907 until 1910. Abramovich arrived in Harbin in 1910 and he founded the Typo-Lite-Zincoography L.M. Abramovich (Типо-Лито-Цинкографя Л. М. Абрамовича) in 1911. Authors living in 'Russian Harbin' often printed their books directly in printing houses and bypassed formal publishing houses, a practice for which Abramovich's printing firm was suited. Our research indicates that Abramovich's printing house closed in 1943. Abramovich died in Harbin in 1948.

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