Anders Madsen Askevold (January 16, 1842 - August 16, 1901) was a Norwegian map publisher based in Chicago Illinois in the late 19th century. Askevold immigrated from Valkryien, Bergen, Norway to Quebec on May 25 1968. From there he made his way to Chicago where he established the firm 'Merchant's Lithographers' in 1870. This firm was unfortunately destroyed just one year later in 1871 by the Great Chicago Fire. We have found no examples of cartographic work printed by Anders during this period, but the Library of Congress does mention the firm as a publisher of panoramic maps. Afterwards he partnered with Peter (Pierre) Roy (1840 - ????), to found the Chicago Map Establishment located at 67 Ashland Block, Chicago. After 1875 or Askevold may have acquired Roy's shares in the firm as from this point on he is listed sole proprietor. This firm published at least 10 different maps, most of which focused on Chicago and Oregon. The connection here is unclear. He returned to Norway from 1880 to 1888, where he printed at least one map of Bergen Norway, before returning to Chicago and resuming a publishing career in April of 1889. He remained in business until about 1898, the date of his last known publication.

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