Gerard Bancker (1740-1799) was an American politician and surveyor, active in New York City during the American Revolution and the decades following it. He was the son of a New York Dutch family of long standing: his parents Gerard Bancker Sr. and Maria de Peyster married in New York City in 1731. He was the grandson of Johannes de Peyster (1666–1719), the 23rd Mayor of New York City between 1698 and 1699. Little is known of his youth or education. He was elected to the American Philosophical Society in 1772. He was made a city surveyor, having produced a map of St. George's Ferry on Nassau Island in 1772. With the advent of the Revolution, he became active in State politics: he became Deputy Treasurer in 1776, and served as New York State's first Treasurer between 1778 and 1798. He and his brother Evert (1734-1815) were New York City surveyors, working both for the City and for private land owners. The years following the Revolution were busy for them, producing surveys as the lands formerly owned by loyalists were sold and re-sold by real estate speculators.

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