James Basire II (1730 - September 6, 1802), also known as James Basire Sr., was an English engraver and copperplate printer. From a family of engravers, Basire's father, Isaac Basire (1704 - 1768) was a cartographer, and his son (1769 - 1822) and grandson (1796 - 1869)(who were also named James) were all engravers. He served as an apprentice to Richard William Seale beginning in 1745 and the artist and antiquary Richard Dalton in 1748. Basire was appointed the engraver to the Society of Antiquaries on March 8, 1759 and to the Royal Society in 1770. He married Anne Beaupuy on May 11, 1760 and later Isabella Turner. It is unclear how his marriage to Anne Beaupuy ended.

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