Harvey Boardman (October 14, 1833 - September 17, 1863) was an American surveyor and engineer in Griswold, Connecticut. The son of a wealthy farmer, it is likely that he was well educated, but we have no account of his particular training: accounts from 1857 have him surveying the White Mountains personally with an odometer, which suggests some expertise. He was acquainted with various important contemporaries in the surveying field, such as Arnold Guyot and the engraver J. H. Bufford. He was drafted into the Army in 1863 but refused to serve, believing that the Federal government had no constitutional power to prevent secession. He was arrested and imprisoned, first in Fort Trumbull in New London, and then Forrest Hall in Washington. The conditions of these prisons were both primitive and inhumane; Boardman died as a result in September of that year.

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