George Phillips Bond (May 20, 1825 - February 17, 1865) was an American astronomer and mapmaker active in the mid-19th century. Bond is best known for this topographic map of the White Mountains of New Hampshire, published in 1853. Bond was born in Dorchester, Boston. He intended Harvard, graduating with a master's degree in 1853. His faither, William Cranch Bond (1789 - 1859), was also an astronomer, the director of the Harvard College Observatory, a position the younger Bond inherited in 1859. Bond took the first photograph of a star in 1850 (Vega) and of a double star in 1857 (Mizar); suggested photography could be used to measure a star's magnitude; and discovered numerous comets and calculated their orbits. Bond also studied Saturn and the Orion Nebula. He and his father jointly discovered Saturn's moon, Hyperion. In cartographic circles, Bond is best known for having performed the first topographical survey of the White Mountains. Bond died in Cambridge, Massachusetts.