Robert J. (R.J. 'Ronny') Caire (September 26, 1915 - December 31. 1982) was an American author, writer, and political public relations man. Caire grew up in New Orleans and attended Louisiana State University. He began his writing career in high school, when he was the editor of his high school paper and the author of a humor column. His professional writing career began in the 1930s when he found a job with a newspaper. Over the course of his career, Caire wrote newspaper articles and several pulp fiction novels under pen names. He also worked on nineteen political campaigns in Louisiana, eighteen of which were with the winning candidate. Robert was married to Katy Caire (March 1, 1917 - March 15, 1997), whose full name was Catherine Patricia Cecilia Barret Daly McGuire Caire, who was also an author. R.J. and Katy wrote several books together.