Louis-Jean Claude (October 26, 1858 - ) was a French printer, bookseller, and publisher active in Saigon, Vietnam, in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Claude was born in Paris and from about 1877 worked as a typographer as the Imprimerie Nationale. In 1884 he transferred to the newly established Imprimerie du Government of Cochinchina in French Indochina. There he was initially a copy editor then associate director of Commercia Printing. Somewhere between 1881 and 1895 he became a partner in the printing and publishing firm of Claude et Cie., which was active under this name at 125-127 Rue Catinat until about 1905. Although the firm was prolific, we have identified no use of this imprint later than 1905. He was also active politically and helped to set up the International Exposition of Hanoi in 1902.

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