Thomas Devine (1818 - November 14, 1888) was an Irish surveyor and cartographer active in Canada during the middle part of the 19th century. Devine mastered surveying working for the Ordnance Survey of Ireland and the Royal Engineers. He immigrated to Canada around 1846 and took work as a provincial land surveyor, eventually becoming official surveyor and draftsman for the Crown Lands Department, Upper Canada. In 1857, he was put in charge of the Upper Canada Surveys Branch, succeeding Andrew Russell, and was immediately assigned the work of compiling and publishing a group of important maps focusing on western Canada. There he completed his most important work, a great wall map entitled Map of the North West part of Canada, considered the first map of the west compiled and published in Canada. Following the Confederation, he became the Deputy Surveyor of Ontario, producing his last map in 1877. He retired in 1879, returning briefly to Ireland before settling down in Montreal. He was a member of the Royal Geographical Society, the Geographical Society of Berlin, and the American Geographical and Statistical Society.