Alexander Drummond (?? - August 9, 1769) was a Scottish diplomat active in the Middle East during the mid-18th century. Drummond was the son of George Drummond of Newton and the younger brother of George Drummond, Lord Provost of Edinburgh. Little is known of his early years but he seems to have traveled extensively in the 1740s before being commissioned as the British Consul at Aleppo, a position he occupied form 1754 to 1756. Drummond was an amateur surveyor and a student of antiquity. His few maps are generally of some significance, as many shed new light and incorporate original survey work on then little know parts of the world. His maps of Cyprus proved exceptionally influential and in the accompanying literature Drummond is among the first to recommend a British takeover of the island. He seems to have travelled extensively throughout Syria during this time and returned to England with some of the most sophisticated mappings of Syria then available - many of which he published in his journals. Drummond died in Edinburgh on August 9, 1769.