Emich Gusztáv (Nov. 3, 1866 - July 10, 1927) was a Hungarian trade minister and diplomat. He studied law and trade policy in Hungary, Germany and Paris. In 1888 he became an official in the Ministry of Agriculture, Industry and Trade. Starting in 1905, he represented the Hungarian government several times at foreign congresses. For many years, he served as the government commissioner of the Commodity and Stock Exchange in Budapest. In 1917, he was appointed secretary of state. Briefly in 1920 he was Minister of Trade in the Simonyi-Semadam government (the administration mainly notable for signing the Treaty of Trianon, by which Hungary lost 2/3 of its territory.) Qt that time, he oversaw the publication of the 1920 Magyarország gazdasági térképekben/ The economies of Hungary in maps. That year He was elected to the National Assembly in 1920, but resigned his mandate in September; he then served as ambassador to Berlin from 1920 to 1925.

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