Féret et Fils (1812 - Present) is a French publishing house based in Bordeaux, France. Founded in 1812 as a bookstore by Jean-Baptiste Féret, it gained its first publication rights in 1814 and became Féret et Fils in 1841. Féret et Fils is best known for the Guide de l'étranger à Bordeaux et dans la Gironde (more commonly known as Le Guide Féret or simply Le Féret), which they first published in 1850. This edition was a translation and updated edition of Bordeaux, its Wines and Claret Country published in England by Charles Cocks (1812 - 1854) in 1846. Jean-Baptiste's son Michel-Édouard Féret (1814 - January 27, 1889) succeeded his father. Twenty editions of Le Guide Féret have been published, with the most recent edition appearing in 2022.