William Arthur Fishbaugh (June 20, 1873 - November 3, 1950) was an early 20th-century American photographer. Fishbaugh was born in Ohio but had flair for adventure. He worked as a mounted police officer in South Africa as early as 1895. It was there that he developed a passion for photography. He moved to the Philippines to capture the Spanish-American War on film. He also developed, at this time, a focus on architectural photography. Later he moved to Tampa, where he operated a photo studio at 506 Franklin Street for about 10 years. In 1917 he moved to Miami, where he worked closely with real-estate developers to photograph and promote land development. His work captures the pioneering days of Miami and south Florida. In addition to his urban landscapes, he documented agricultural scenes, local Seminole Indians, and the burgeoning aviation industry. His work provides an invaluable historical record of south Florida's rapid transformation during the early 1900s.