Foldex (1934 - Present) was founded in 1934 by René Costard, trained as a violinist, who decided a change of direction was needed and founded his map business. Foldex created easy-folding maps, which led the company to immediate success and it took its place alongside Michelin as the most successful cartography companies in France. In 1970, the company changed its name to Recta Foldex after a restructuring. Following René’s death, his wife Simone Costard took over the business. In 1985 Simone Costard sold the business to the Swiss cartographer Kümmerly Frey. In 1993, the first Atlas of France in A4 format was published, and the Recta Foldex bought the company Éditions Blay. The two companies merged and became Blay-Foldex.

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