Achilles Pirmin Gasser (November 3, 1505 - December 4, 1577) was a German doctor and humanist scholar whose work spanned the fields of astronomy, astrology, history, and geography; he was recognized by his colleagues as a talented cosmographer. He was born in Lindau am Bodensee. He was broadly traveled: he studied in Sélestat under Johgannes Sapidus, and attended university in France, Germany and Italy. He was among the first humanists to respond enthusiastically to Sebastian Münster's 1528 appeal for views, maps, and descriptions of Germany. Münster and Gasser may have met in Basel as early as 1529; Gasser named Münster in his 1531 world chronicle, among luminaries such as Apianus and oronce Fine. Indeed, Gasser and Münster shared the same publisher, Heinrich Petri. When Münster expanded his Cosmographia after 1548 he included at least one view provided by Gasser, that of his birthplace Lindau; he contributed broadly to Münster's historical descriptions of places with which he had direct knowledge, namely Lindau, Feldkirch, Chur, and Augsburg. In addition to his views and descriptions, Gasser also assisted in raising funds for Münster's monumental project.