Charles-Louis Cadet De Gassicourt (January 23, 1769 - November 21, 1821) was the illegitimate son of Louis XV and Marie-Thérèse Boisselet, wife of Louis-Claude Cadet. Known as 'Cadet,' he was a prolific author, lawyer, chemist, and pharmacist. He was also a gourmand, whose efforts to apply science to gastronomy resulted in several books - notably his 1809 Cours Gastronomique and his 1806 Dissertation on Coffee.

Cadet was trained in the law and would practice, but in his youth he had been introduced to the many scientists who visited Louis-Claude and he would become fascinated with the new discipline of modern chemistry - to the extent of quitting law to become a pharmacist. Both on the strength of his family connections and his own abilities, he gained such prominence as to become a founder of the Bulletin de pharmacie. He would be appointed pharmacist to Napoleon himself. He authored many works to popularize the New Chemistry - notably his four-volume 1803 Dictionnaire de chimie, but also wrote on other political and scientific subjects - not least on issues of health, hygiene and food.

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