Charles Gies (April 1846 - March 2, 1923) was an Alsatian American lithographer and printer. Born in Alsace, Gies arrived in the United States in 1854 at the age of eight. At ten he became an apprentice at a German-language newspaper, the Buffalo Telegraph. A year later he was an apprentice at Sage, Sons, and Company, where he learned every aspect of the lithographic business. He remained at Sage, Sons, and Company until he was twenty-eight and left when White and Brayley took over the firm. Then, he worked in New York for a large lithographic firm. He opened his own lithographic company in Buffalo in 1875 called Gies and Company with George H. Dunston (1852 - 1912), formerly a lithographer with Clay and Cosack. The firm occupied three floors of a 60 x 120-foot building in 1880 and employed seventy-five people. Dunston left to start his own firm, the George H. Dunston Company. Gies and Company was in business until 1922 and published calendars, advertising posters, pamphlets, and labels, among other things. Gies married Frances Boughton in August 1869 and they had three daughters.