The Graphic (1869 - 1932), first published in December 1869, was a weekly illustrated newspaper published in London, England. Published by Illustrated Newspaper Limited, The Graphic was founded by William Luson Thomas to compete with the popular Illustrated London New, which he believed to be unsympathetic towards artists. The Graphic prospered, becoming the most successful rival of the Illustrated London New despite being more expensive. The popularity of The Graphic was most likely influenced by its inclusion of works by famous writers such as H. Rider Haggard, Thomas Hardy and George Elliot, as well as its gifted artists: George Millais, Sir Samuel Luke Fildes, Sidney Sime, Helen Allingham, and Frank Brangwyn, among others. The Graphic covered literature, art, sciences, music, sport and opera, along with news from all around the British Empire. With regular readers that included the likes of Vincent Van Gogh, the paper had a significant influence in the European art scene. After the death of Luson Thomas in 1900, The Graphic was managed by his son George Holt Thomas until it ceased publication in 1932 after a brief change of name to The National Graphic.