Hermann Habenicht (March 3, 1844 - March 30, 1917) was a German cartographer. Born in Gotha to a porcelain painter and modeler, he attended the Gotha secondary school. His teachers at this school recommended him to the Justus Perthes cartographic institute (which was also in Gotha) as a drawing apprentice. Habenicht began his training at age fifteen, under the guidance of renowned cartographer Augustus Petermann. Soon after Habenicht's arrival, Petermann recognized and began encouraging his talent for terrain drawing. After Petermann's death in 1878, Habenicht took over many of the responsibilities for editing atlases published by Perthes, including the seventh edition of Stieler's Hand Atlas and many of the school atlases. He worked for the Perthes publishing company for fifty-five years.