William Leon Hamilton (June 1, 1896 - September 12, 1931) was an American pilot, aeronautical engineer, and aerial cartographer active in New York in the early 20th century. Hamilton was born in Ostego, New York. It is not clear where he became a pilot, but it may have been during service in Europe during World War I (1914 - 1818). He was a friend of Sherman Fairchild - playboy, heir, and aerial cartography pioneer. Fairchild convinced Hamilton to join his aerial photography company in 1920. Hamilton worked with Fairchild on several experimental aerial maps and helped to develop and test the Fairchild Aerial Camera in 1921. He struck out on his own, founding the Hamilton Aerial Map Service around 1926. Hamilton died in 1931 when his plane crashed near Albany, New York, while he was compiling an aerial survey of the Hudson River. While none know the cause of the crash, it is believed the engine stalled as he and. His copilot, Elliott Mitchell, were attempting to land at the Albany Airport.

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