Rémy Hétreau (January 31, 1913 - November 28, 2001) was a French artist, engraver, and illustrator. Hétreau was born in Patay, a city in the Loiret. He was mobilized in 1939 and joined the French Army. After the 1940 Armistice, he joined 'Le Salon de l'Imagerie,' a new salon to help artistic life in Paris survive the Occupation. Through the Salon, Hétreau met Robert Denoël, a book editor. Denoël liked Hétreau's work and had him illustrate L'Hôtel du Nord by Eugène Dabit, released in 1944, and Le Mouchoir rouge by Comte de Gobineau, released in 1945. A third book he was supposed to illustrate, Mille Regrets by Elsa Triolet, was never published. Hétreau continued to create work, among which was a series of pictorial broadsides for the French government promoting France's wine regions. Hétreau died in Paris.