Abraham J. Hoffman (1834 - 18??) was a draughtsman, engraver, lithographer, and engineer active in Albany New York. Hoffman was born in Albany, New York. He may have been the son of L. G. Hoffman, who published Hoffman's Albany Directory in the 1840s. He mastered lithography and engraving in Albany and established himself as Hoffman and Company, possibly with Richard H. Pease. In 1853 he is listed as an Albany wood engraver and his offices were destroyed by fire. From 1856 to 1862 he was part of Hoffman, Knickerbocker and Co. The partnership dissolved and Hoffman moved to Chicago in 1863, possibly following a relative, where he produced lithographs for the drugs store Hoffman Brothers. In 1865 he became the 'and co.' in the Baker and Company lithography and engraving firm. He left the firm a year later to invest in real estate, relocating to River Forest in 1869. He must have done well in real estate as he founded the River Forest Young Ladies Seminary in 1874, which was run by his wife until about 1884.

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