J. A. and R. A. Reid (September 1874 - 1894) was a prosperous job printer and publishing firm based in Providence, Rhode Island, in the late 19th century. Brothers James Allan Reid and Robert Allen Reid founded the firm. James Allan Reid (January 5, 1848 - May 21, 1924) was born in Providence, Rhode Island. He trained in printing from 1861 at the Bristol Phoenix and later under Providence printer A. Crawford Green (1824 - ????). In 1868, he became a partner in the firm Hammond, Angell and Company, founded by John N. Hammond and Albert N. Angell. He also worked for the New York World (1869 - 1872) and the New York Daily Graphic. Robert Allen Reid (May 5, 1851 - February 3, 1926) also worked at Hammond, Angell and Company as a compositor from about 1857. Together, the brothers founded J. A. and R. A. Reid in September 1874. With solid financing, they became the predominant job printers in Providence. They advertised 'the best and latest faces of job type, and a great variety of letter for fine book work, catalogues, newspapers, small poster work, railroad time tables, and the diversified orders which come to a well-equipped printing office in these days.' From 1884, they expanded into publishing, eventually issuing about 100 independent titles. The firm suffered from two fires in the early 1890s, and in 1894, John Reid was 'thrown from an electric car and downed completely through concussion of the brain'. Unable to manage the large business on his own, Robert Reid dissolved the firm in 1894 and relocated his family to Boston, Massachusetts, where he continued to work in publishing. He later moved to Seattle, Washington, and died in San Francisco, California. James Allan Reid retired to St. Louis, Missouri, but eventually returned to Rhode Island, where he died in 1824.

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