John Theodore Johnson (November 7, 1902 - November 2, 1963), widely known as 'Ted', was an American artist active in the mid-20th century. Johnson was born in Oregon, Illinois, and was of Swedish-American descent. His father, Theodore Johnson was a wood carver. From 1920 - 25 he studied at the Art institute of Chicago. Graduating, he was awarded the American Traveling Scholarship, which took him to Paris where he studied under André Lhote (1885 - 1962) at La Grande Chaumière. He returned to the Illinois in 1931, taking work with the WPA initiative Illinois Federal Art Project (1935 - 1943). He worked with the FAP through 1938, producing several historical murals as well as Illinois-related book illustrations and at least one pictorial map (Illinois Its Geography Its history). He moved to Minneapolis in 1938 to take a position with the Minneapolis School of Art, where he remained until 1945. At that time, he received a professorship at San Jose State College, California. He remained in San Jose until his death in 1963.