Denis Mason Jones (March 10, 1918 - January 8, 2010) was an English artist, pictorial mapmaker, and architect based in Leeds, England. He was born in Linton, the scion of an important Leeds architect, William Alban Jones (1875 - 1960). He studied at Scarborough College, followed by architecture school at Sidney Sussex College, Cambridge. He graduated in 1939, just in time for World War II. He served with the Royal Engineers where he was assigned dangerous minesweeping duties. An exploding mine mangled his right arm. After a long period of healing and recuperation, he was reassigned to wartime educational duties. After World War II, he completed additional architectural training in London and Zurich. Following his studies, Jones resided briefly in London with fellow pictorial mapmaker Kerry Ernest Lee, for whom he produced at least one map - of his hometown Leeds. Jones went on to join his family's architecture firm in Leeds, Jones and Stocks, but never abandoned his interested in pictorial maps, picking up the hobby in retirement. He published a series of 'Heritage Maps' of various English cities and completed map commissions for such distinguished figures as the Duke of Edinburgh and Walt Disney.