Theodore ‘Ted’ Kautzky (1896 - 1953) was a Hungarian born watercolorist known for his landscapes and marine scenes. Born in Budapest, Kautzky studied architecture at the Royal University of Hungary and graduated with a degree in architecture. In 1923, at age 27, he emigrated to the United States where he found work as an architect for the New York City Parks Department. Eventually, his skills as an artist became known and he began teaching art. He was a sought after instructor for the Pratt Institute, New York University, the University of Toronto, and the University of Pennsylvania. Kautzky spent more than a decade painting scenes of Cape Ann, Massachusetts, where he earned membership in the Lockport Art Association, the North Shore Arts Association, and the American Watercolor Society. He was also a noted art instruction author and his book, Ways with Watercolor, has nourished the careers of watercolorists worldwide.