Leonard W. Kip (November 10, 1837 - February 27, 1901) was an American missionary active in China during the second half of the 19th century. Kip was born in New York City to a wealthy family, but nonetheless, joined the China Board in his religious devotion. Kip first traveled to China in 1861 with the Chinese Mission of the American Reformed Church and established himself at the Amoy (Xiamen) mission. Kip was extremely zealous in parenthesizing the Christian Gospel and traveled extensively through the region. With is educational background, and extensive travels, Kip became the unofficial geographer of the mission, compiling the first accurate western style map of the Xiamen region. He remained with the mission until 1899, at which point, in ill health he returned to the United States, dying 2 years later, in 1901. There are some, apparently erroneous, reports that he may have died in Xiamen, China.

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