Arthur Stanley Knight (August 3, 1894 - June 6, 1976) was an American publisher and newspaperman. Born in Buffalo, New York, Arthur served with the Rittenbach Squadron during World War I. Arthur's father, Edward A. Knight (1865 - 1921), bought the Lake George Mirror, a local weekly newspaper, and its printing plant in 1907 and the Knight family owned and operated the Lake George Mirror for the next sixty years. Arthur dropped out of Columbia and took over operating the paper in 1921 after his father died. He founded the Adirondack Resorts Press in 1935, which published Lake George maps, brochures, postcards, and guidebooks, including the popular Adirondack Guide. Knight was very active in the Lake George community. Knight retired in 1969 and sold the Adirondack Resorts Press, by that time the publisher of the Mirror, to Cody Kirkwood, his partner of 25 years. After changing hands numerous times, the Mirror is still published today, weekly from mid-May through Columbus Day and monthly during the rest of the year.

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