August Wilhelm Knoch (June 8, 1742 - June 2, 1818) was a German naturalist, mapmaker, draftsman, and scientific illustrator. He was born in Braunschweig, the son of a court parson, Georg Ludolfl Otto Knoch. He studied theology at the University of Leipzig and afterwards worked as private tutor to Vienna Privy Councilor Karl Georg Heinrich Count von Hoym. In 1775, the took a caretaker positon at the Braunschweig Collegium Carolinum. There he developed an interest in the natural sciences under the influence of Eberhard August Wilhelm von Zimmermann. From 1781 to 1783 he completed an important three-volume work on entomology. In 1789 he became a professor of physics at the Collegium Carolinum. He died in Braunschweig at 77 years.

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