Laemmert (1828 - 1909) was a publishing firm active in Rio de Janeiro in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. It was founded by German-Brazilian brothers Ludwig Christian Eduard von Laemmert (August 10, 1806 - January 11, 1880) and Heinrich Wilhelm Laemmert (October 27, 1812 - October 10, 1884), known as Eduardo and Henrique, respectively. The brothers were born in Grand Duchy of Baden, Germany. Of the two, Eduardo arrived in Rio de Janeiro first, coming on a ship from Paris in 1828. Having previously worked at the G. Braun Bookshop and Printshop in Karlsruhe (1820 - 1825 ), he was well acquainted with the book trade and founded 'Livraria Universal' on his arrival in Rio de Janeiro. Henrique arrived five years later in 1833, at which time the brothers founded 'E. e H. Laemmert', with headquarters at Rua da Quitanda, n° 77. Eduardo briefly returned to Paris in 1837, where he acquired three printing presses and acquired training in their use. On his return to Rio in 1838, the brothers founded 'Tipografia Universal' on Rua dos Inválidos. The organization was an enormous success, with over 5000 books a month being printed and bound in their factories. In 1861, they won the silver medal at the 1st Brazilian Industrial Exhibition, and in 1862, Emperor D. Pedro II officially visited the brothers' enterprise. In 1877, Eduard left the firm, returning to Karlsruhe, Germany, where he died in 1880. Henrique died four years later, in Brazil, in 1884. With the death of the Laemmerts, the business was reorganized into a partnership formed by Gustave Massow, Edgon Widmann Laemmert, and João Pedro Francisco Artur Sauer (1840 - 1920). In 1891, the firm was again reorganized as 'Laemmert e Cia.' They expanded with new branches in São Paulo and Recife. In 1903, there was another change of partners, and Edgon was replaced by his son Hugo, and Gustave by his brother Hilário. The bookstore was destroyed by a fire in 1909, but the Tipografia continued under multiple names, including 'Sérgio e Pinto' (1919), 'Álvaro Pinto e Cia','T ypographia do Annuario do Brasi' (1920), and 'Alexandre Henault e Cia.' Remarkelby, the firm was resurrected in 1970 as Gráfica Laemmert, when it once gain began publishing books.