John T. Little (fl. c. 1849 - 1860) was an American businessman who found success in California. Little arrived in California in 1849, at the height of the Gold Rush, an settled in Coloma, where he opened on the first general stores on the north side of the American River. On November 8, 1849, the first 'official' post office in El Dorado County, California, was established in his store. Little was appointed postmaster, a position he held until 1851, when the title was given to Stephen S. Brooks. Little proved himself to be an adept businessman. He operated the first ferry service across the American River, creating a connection between the mining camps on the south side and his general store on the north side. In 1850, Little partnered with Ed Raum and built the first wagon bridge across the American and charged a toll for each crossing. The partners recouped their investment within three months. Eventually, Little moved to San Francisco, where he became a real estate broker and moneylender, operating his business from Montgomery Street.