MacLure, MacDonald and Company (fl. 1835 – 1992) was a lithographic engraving and printing concern active Glasgow, London, and Liverpool and Manchester from 1835. The firm was founded by Andrew MacLure and Archibald Gray MacDonald in Glasgow. The firm rose to prominence through rapid adaptation of new technology – such as the costly acquisition of a German Georg Sigl printing press in 1851 that enabled them to print a previously unheard of 500 sheets an hour. In 1853 they were also the firm in the U.K. to embrace the use of steam power for their lithographic press. By the middle of the 18th century they attuned the honorific of 'Ornamental Printers to the Queen.' They are best known for their many images for The Graphic as well as numerous postage stamps for foreign national as far off as Uruguay and Sarawak. The company was still in business in 19932 when it was acquired by J. R. Reid Printers of Blantyre.