Maeda Kōei (前田虹映; June 19, 1897 – June 8 , 1945), born Maeda Kazuo (穣) was a Japanese artist specializing in bird's eye views of Japanese cities. He was the oldest and one of the closest disciples of Yoshida Hatsusaburō (吉田初三郎). The two were also related by marriage; Maeda's wife's older sister was married to Yoshida. Born in Yamaguchi Prefecture, Maeda moved to Tokyo at age 21 to study art with Tanaka Raisho (田中頼璋), a landscape painter and member of the Nihonga (日本画) School, which sought to revive traditional styles in the face of increasing Western influence. Soon afterwards, Maeda became interested in bird's eye views and became a student of Yoshida. He went on to become one of the primary artists at Yoshida's workshop (大正名所図絵社) and helped to produce dozens of works.