Alexander Mair (1559 - 1617), also known as Mayr / Mayer, was a German engraver and painter active in Augsburg in the latter part of the sixteenth century and the beginning of the seventeenth. Mair was born in Augsburg. His works include both copper engravings and woodcuts, although he is best known for copper. Among his more famous works are the frontispiece and celestial map plates for Johann Bayer's 1603 Uranometria, a portrait of Pope Leo X, vignettes such asDas Armbrustschiessen zu München 1599, the frontispiece of Marcus Welser's Dissertation sur les antiquités d'Augsbourg, and Welser's portrait. Mair is also credited with a wood-engraved map of Augsburg. He died in Augsburg in 1617.

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