Richard C. Major (18?? - May 18, 1894) was a New York City and Brooklyn based American lithographer active in the second half of the 19th century. He likely apprenticed under his father Henry B. Major and Napoleon Sarony (1821 - 1896). In 1857, he became a partner in the firm of 'Sarony, Major and Knapp' (1857 - 1863), which from 1863 to 1888 operated as 'Major and Knapp.' In 1888, Richard retired, but in 1891 ran for 'Lithography Commissioner' at the 1891 Buffalo Pan-American Exposition. The 'Major and Knapp' firm was renamed Knapp and Company and operated under Joseph Fairchild Knapp (1832 - 1891) and his son, Joseph Palmer Knapp (1864 - 1951) from 56 Park Place, New York, until 1892. Like his partner, Major was also a major investor and director of the Metropolitan Life Insurance Company. When he died he left a fortune of 280,000 USD, about 10,000,000 USD in modern-day terms.

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